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Iyanla Vanzant
spirituality motivation 699,030 followers
There are simply no words that adequately describe the power and efficacy of forgiveness.
A life of spiritual integrity requires you to know truth, accept truth, speak truth, teach truth, and seek truth.
Thank you Father, Mother God. I know Your angels are faithful watching over me and paving the way.
We are capable of determining the outcome of any and every situation we face through the power of thought.
Be daring! Be bold! Focus on and affirm the experiences you desire.
Forgive everything! Forgiveness does not erase the memory of an experience, it neutralizes its impact.
Gentlemen, does your family think you're marrying someone beneath you? Share your story: #FixMyLife
Truth is not what you believe based on your individual belief system. Truth is consistent because it reflects the mind of God.
When I am alone and frightened, Faith is there. I am so grateful for the gift of Faith.
Affirm - I AM a true believer in the best about me. Keep affirming.
Life is a series of mysteries we must each unravel at our own pace. Our task is not to solve the mysteries but to use them.
You are more than the things you have told yourself about yourself. You are a spirit expressing as a human being. And you have no limits.
Emotions erupt to remind us we are alive, that we are human. And to let us know we are growing.
Fortify yourself with lots of rest, healthy foods, quiet time, and don’t forget to play!
Take more time to listen to your heart, filtering through all the offerings that come in.
Are you or a family member returning home from prison? Has the time away hurt your family? #FixMyLife
At a time when unity is so desperately needed it is significantly lacking. Agree to do something, without battling over how and why.
We are love from the core of our being. If we can live from our being of love, we can't help but attract more of what we are.
Do not be afraid to experience your emotions; they are the path to your soul. Trust yourself enough to feel what you feel.
Support yourself with kind thoughts, loving words, and self-empowering acts.
Once there is an unconditional acceptance of your true identity, the need for pretenses and defenses is eliminated.
You are connected to God and all things created by God at all times. There are no exceptions.
Meditation is a practice which enables us to tune in and fine-tune the key areas of our lives: the mind and the spirit.
When we seek to give rather than get, when we think about how good life is, we open ourselves to a wide range of possibilities.
Deep within our being is a place of peace, joy and knowing. It is a place called love.