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Iyanla Vanzant
Be STILL! Let your daily spiritual practice be one of stillness and listening.
Well Beloveds I am going to say goodnight. It has been a long, long day #LifeYouWantDC and #FixMyLife Now my feet hurt! Smooches!
Lesson 11-Are U a conscious parent? Or are U visiting upon your children what was visited on U hoping they will make it bkz U did#FixMyLife
Lesson 10-Repetive wounds and extreme pain will render you unconscious! You will forget who you are and the power you possess. #FixMyLife
Beloveds TY for tuning in. Join us next week for a Deeper Dive with the women of this story & other women in similar situations #FixMyLife
Lesson 9- As women we must acknowledge when we allow a penis to come between us as women or between our dignity and self respect #FixMyLife
Lesson 8 - When you are confronted or care-fronted with the reality of your choices- -OWN what you see! The good and not so good #FixMyLife
Lesson 7 - Children deserve to have parents who desire to and enjoy being parents. A good parent is one who enjoys their children #FixMyLife
Lesson 6 - No child is a mistake-The mistake is choosing to have a child when you are not clear about who you are #FixMyLife
Lesson 5-Your sexual behavior is your responsibility. It is up to you to get clear about who you sleep with and why #FixMyLife
Lesson #4 People behave badly in your life when U give them permission to do so-If you accommodate the behavior it will continue #FixMyLife
Lesson #3-There comes a time when U know what your parents taught U or did with U doesn't work for U. When you know CHOOSE BETTER #FixMyLife
Lesson #2-We do what we have seen and what we experience. Our most important lessons begin at home from birth to age 5. #FixMyLife
Lesson #1-There are no victims! We are people impacted by the choices and behaviors of others as well as out own choices-#FixMyLife
Many, many lessons in these 3 episodes. Get you pen and paper and I will share a few. #FixMyLife
God never asks us to move backwards. We are simply asked to grow.
LOL! That is not my purse. Her name is Tricksie. It is my bag of tricks-the place I keep the things the guests may need. #FixMyLife
Somebody had a sleeve or a button or a collar. They had a piece of his shirt- just a piece. None of them had the whole of him. #FixMyLife
When you believe you haven't done enough, you want to be acknowledged for what you have done. #FixMyLife
You need a drink for this show! I am drinking . . . Grape Juic#FixMyLife-LOL!
Happy Saturday Beloveds! It's time for Roll Call ya'll! Who is in the house??? Name your city! #FixMyLife
Beloveds roll call for tonight's episode will begin at 8:55 #FixMyLife I can hardly wait!
Prayer and affirmation are the strongest defenses against doubt. We always get what we need when we need it.
Seeking men who have multiple kids with many women, #FixMyLife wants to hear from you:…
intropixs's video What a glorious time and beautiful audience today #lifeyouwantdc
Keep on doing what you are doing to improve your life, to enhance your status, to improve your standing.
Life's lessons are few: peace, freedom, strength, justice, faith and love. All the answers you need are buried within you.
If you're a woman with a man who has multiple children with different mothers, #FixMyLife wants to hear from you:…
We can be redeveloped as many times as required to get a clear picture of ourselves and focus in life.
Every person, situation, circumstances, and experience in your life is a reflection of some aspect of who you believe yourself to be.
Does the father of your child or children have multiple kids with other women? #FixMyLife wants to hear from you:…
We attract into our lives that which we focus upon with the strongest intent. Expectations always determine results.
Keep up the good work! Keep on putting one foot in front of the other, taking one step at a time, moving at a steady and sure pace.
Here's a reminder -You cannot expect full-time blessings for part-time devotion! Take your spiritual practice seriously! #LifeYouWantDC
God speaks to each of us through our inner voice. That inner voice will never force itself into your awareness. It must be invited.
Growth can be beautiful and ugly, empowering and confining, thought-provoking and mind-boggling, all at the same time.
God is calling you into something bigger than you have ever asked for - Surrender to it. Oprah Winfrey…
Every experience is ordered by grace to teach and remind us of who we are in the divine scheme of things.
Ms O shares her story to remind us that the threads of our story weave together the fibers of our…
Do all the men you date come with baggage - children, drama and debt - but you just can't make better choices?…
We must learn to bend and believe we will not break.
Are you a woman who continues to date or marry men who you feel are beneath you?…
Time spent in devotion offers divine revelations. Devotion requires a willingness, openness and readiness to embrace the truth.
The highest form of service you can offer to yourself and God is to spend time each day in silence, time spent with your true self.
Ladies: Are you settling for the wrong men? Share your story here:… #FixMyLife
This journey is about learning to love and honor yourself from the inside to the outside.
There is a divine reason you are where you are. Where you find yourself is where you need to be.
Fear disguises itself as the need to be somewhere else, doing something else, or not needing to do something.
Before you do one thing for yourself, thank God for every ability, talent, gift and opportunity that lies within you or before you.