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Iyanla Vanzant
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No one can do anything or make you do anything unless you let them.
We have an unlimited capacity to love. The only thing that limits our capacity to love are the conditions we place on loving.
The real joy in giving comes when we give what we have spontaneously, with no reason other than for the joy of giving.
If what you are thinking doesn't make you feel good, change that thought. Bad cannot bother you unless you are available.
Complaining about where we are or what we have is the best way to ensure things stay exactly as they are.
We must surrender our secret fears and secret thoughts about ourselves in the world. As we surrender, we build trust with life.
When you are willing to take responsibility for what you have done or not done, learning from the challenges, you will grow.
We are human beings, blessed with the power of reason. We have, at all times, the power to figure out what we want.
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We never stop learning. A lesson will repeat itself over and over until we recognize it and make better or different choices.
When you feel weak, it is easy to lose faith in your abilities. In these times you must turn to the infinite power within yourself.
We all know everything we need to know. Our challenge is to develop the wisdom required to put what we know to good use.
Whatever the situation in which we find ourselves, we can find the answer through peace, a peace-filled mind and a peaceful heart.
You can use cleansing breaths throughout the day to keep your mind clear and your emotions balanced.
You cannot fix your children and you cannot plan their lives. You can guide, support, nurture and love them in the best way you can.
When we master our fears, we become courageous and trusting. With courage and trust, no challenge is too difficult to confront.
When setting a goal or creating a vision 👀 be mindful not to have an Escape Route-a Just In Case Clause or compromise your desired outcome 🙏
People set negative goals and then wonder why their lives are filled with negative experiences-A negative goal is set with doubt and fear
Get honest! Pay attention! Change what you do to create a change for yourself!
Very often, the habit of doing a certain thing in a certain way robs you of new experiences. Be open to new experiences.
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Lift your thoughts, lift your expectations & lift yourself. Train yourself to look for the good things you want and the good will respond.
Take a new route to work today. Eat lunch in a different place. In order to learn to grow and be happy, you must always seek the new.
Fear enables us to convince ourselves that the poor or failing quality of our lives is caused by something or someone outside of ourselves.
When we find ourselves in the same situation repeatedly as a result of our conditioned responses, we must stop and do a new thing.