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Ghetto Translations
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"Smile at the fawkers it fawks them up and makes you happier".
"Oh!!! "Trust Me"-I see you but #Ignoring works better for me".
"What you see is what you get".
I get so bored and lonely at night time 😕
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"Don't say It if you can't prove it".
"I'D tell to hell but I work there and I don't want to see you everyday".
"Can someone shout me out".
"This first #TheGame episode was good left back tension for the next episode".
"I choose my mama over anything any day".
"People say a lot of things most of them aren't even true".
"Dammm #TheGame is really crucial and hott!! This year I love it".
"You say you can't stand me you dislike me ...wait if you can't do neither why the fawk are you around me".
"Some men will never understand how it feels to love someday because they too busy chasing after hoe!!!!!!".
"If you lay down with pig obviously you're kool with that".
"Six Inch Walker Big Shit Talker".
@IxxDre ikr but it's the 1st episode of the season so the game it is
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"#TheGame is going to be so hott!! For the neck 1hr".
"this toe ain't gon suck itself" lmfaoooo <<<<<<<<<<< #TheGame
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Tasha mack hard bruh! She fucked up now though.
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"Niggatry" = committing on of many random acts that African Americans are stereotyped for.
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"Hoes these days" = I am amazed by the way these young promiscuous women carry themselves."
"I'll be there in a few minutes" = It could hours before I show up."
"LEGGOO" Noun. = not to be confused with a child's building blocks, but commonly used to excite ones peers into night of partying."
""Deez Nuts" = No matter the question , My Nuts are, have, and always will be the solution"
" "On Everything" = I am willing to risk the integrity of not only my mothe, but everything that i love on this statement."
""I Ain't Trippin" = Although the current situation has not played out in my favor, my concern about the matter has diminished."
"My Nigga Chill" = Continuing your current behavior will result in a altercation that will change your physical appearance drastically."
"Lemm Fit Teen" = The time of day that exists exactly a quarter past eleven o clock. "What time is it?" "Lemme Fit Teen.""
""Bust it wide open" = Commence to open both of your thighs to please me."
"She smashed the Homie" = The woman you are referring to performed sexual acts to one of your comrades"
"I beat the Pussy Up" = I have been known to bring about brute force to a woman's vaginal area."
"This shit bout to Bang" = The event that I speak of will be very riveting of you decide to attend"
"Ain een ask you all dat "= That was too much information."
"Hit My Line" = Call Me, if its not too much trouble."
"Bro Cheeel" = My good friend your actions are too extreme. Please simmer down."
"You too cute to be single" = I just wanna have sex with you, but I'll make it seem as if i want a relationship."
#HabitsThatAreHardToBreak Checking your phone every 2 minutes to see if you got a text."
"Toot it And Boot It" = after having sexual intercourse exit stage right immediately,"
"Man i ain't even gone lie" = Everything after this statement is about to all be false..."
"Smoking on that strong" = I am currently smoking on marijuana of the highest potency."
"He got a lil dick anyway" = He kicked me to the curb, and actually, I enjoyed the sex."
"Where the freaks at?" = Do you happen to know where any easy females are located?"
"Skew me" = Excuse me."
"Father's Day" = The most awkward day in the ghetto."