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"Smile at the fawkers it fawks them up and makes you happier".
"Oh!!! "Trust Me"-I see you but #Ignoring works better for me".
"What you see is what you get".
I get so bored and lonely at night time 😕
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"Don't say It if you can't prove it".
"I'D tell to hell but I work there and I don't want to see you everyday".
"Can someone shout me out".
"This first #TheGame episode was good left back tension for the next episode".
"I choose my mama over anything any day".
"People say a lot of things most of them aren't even true".
"Dammm #TheGame is really crucial and hott!! This year I love it".
"You say you can't stand me you dislike me ...wait if you can't do neither why the fawk are you around me".
"Some men will never understand how it feels to love someday because they too busy chasing after hoe!!!!!!".
"If you lay down with pig obviously you're kool with that".
"Six Inch Walker Big Shit Talker".
@IxxDre ikr but it's the 1st episode of the season so the game it is
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"#TheGame is going to be so hott!! For the neck 1hr".
"this toe ain't gon suck itself" lmfaoooo <<<<<<<<<<< #TheGame
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Tasha mack hard bruh! She fucked up now though.
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