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Caryll Ivy Uy
Ruby, wag pls “@ABSCBNNews: WATCH: #RubyPH as it nears landfall in Masbate”
Just got my cafe latte right when suspension of classes was announced. Kay tagal ko hinintay ang coffee, di ko naman pala kailangan. #ayy
NO “@rapplerdotcom: Could Coldplay's next album be their last?”
I got my free Choco Truffle Cheesecake and double stars for one drink! Yey! 🌟�
I would have ordered more if only my tummy wasn't grumpy
did not plan to start my day late
please handle with care. it's one of those fragile days.
HAYMAMA "@arthurdavinjr: Finals ang coverage ng SGD na to. Good luck to us all"
Medyo intense tong SGD na to ah
(Joining in the twitter rants about that DOH "GABO" informercial) WHAT THE ACTUAL FVKC.
Mga elementary students ngayon, sa Starbucks na rin nag-aaral…
Alternative for spaghetti with meatballs? - Spaghetti WITHOUT the meatballs. lol
my pms is weird but I'm sure it hates you
drowning myself in calories tonight
this (semi-wasted) day was not expected
Ownership over minor activities and projects will definitely create better outputs but it's still something we all need to work on.
To go back to planner or stick to bullet journal for 2015? Finally posted my first Black and White photo as challenged by @aleczfernandez weeks a ago... 🙊 not sure how this goes but since you tagged me and I miss you, I'll do it 😬 hehe (so now... am I supposed to nominate too? Haha)
To go back to planner or stick to bullet journal for 2015? Finally posted my first Black and White…
The Lumineers did a great job on the melody. HUHU. I'm still all emotions, it's painful 😩…5
I promised not to listen to Swift this weekend. #majordistraction hahaha @larellora @breautifulsoul @vnztang0818
MOCKINGJAY. Like Catching Fire 🔥, kinurot puso ko 💔 😭
Oh no. Is someone turning into a Swiftie too? 😲 Ha ha ha…
"Wag niyo ako tawanan, inalay ko na sarili ko" - @tapreyes #PERehearsalkuno
Jason is not dead, Jason is just aging.
shitty coincidences
SOBRANG SPONTANEOUS NG DAY NATO lalo ung Breakout + That Thing Called Tadhana (plus JM de Guzman ha ha)
Calling all people in CDO! Visit @spoiledbratte on November 11 because EVERYTHING IS ON SALE!!!! Don't miss out! 💕#spoiledbratte
... at belated happy birthday, @rementinameg! Thank you kanina. Na miss kita 😘
Sinulit na ang huling araw ng sembreak. Two movies in one day, parehong solid maganda. #BigHero6 #Interstellar
Coeli baby girl! Happy birthdaayyy 🎁🎉@coelibeansans
...BUT ALL IS WELL NOW At least it was a funny and healthy challenge. 😂🌿🌿🌿 👭
pregnant because 1. we wanted to puke 2. we hated the scent of perfumes when we walk pass by stores 3. we craved for salty food (or soup)
I HAVE TO ADMIT THO. We felt "pregnant" after that malunggay shot. (laughs at mom's face)
Well, this (pure) Malunggay shot was something!!! (aside from it being the only shot mom would drink with me) 😸 #GulpJuicery 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿
Tonight's parting message: "Too much love may kill you" 😲�@stevensonyu_u_@abbycooooo et
PAKSHET. I walked around the mall for at least 30mins w/o knowing two of my buttons, in the CHEST FKCNG AREA, were open THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!
HI. Anybody care to help out with the Christmas party for ASMPH staff? If willing, please sign up here!!!…