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Caryll Ivy Uy
who says tone can't adjust
Probably the gloomiest day so far
TWISTER FRIES “@McDo_PH: …The epic return of Twister Fries happens tomorrow! #MinsanLangTo
Clara is the most significant companion. There's no denying it. #DoctorWho
Di pa ako nakalabas ng sasakyan, ginahasa na agad ang payong na hiniram ko. (oops @kirkplatinum)
I NEED TO WATCH #UAAPCDC2014 REPLAY but whennnnnn and wheeerrree
this is two days too early!!!!
BUT the odds are not always in our favour. SO PLEASE ATENEO, do stop mega cramming too often :(
WOW. Took so much heart to be back on top! CONGRATS BLUE EAGLES 💙
lol “@MailOnline: Bald eagle steals a Go Pro camera, takes a selfie
screaming tweetsssssss waahh makes me scream toooo #OBF
"To achieve great thing, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time"
cause i haven't done sht today and also, game is …
know your crowd
One of the many reasons why this is the best med school you can ever find. Blue Toast 2014 for post-PLA celebration! Feels like college bonfire or Blue Roast 🔥💙Congrats again Batch 2014!!!! Go forth and be the doctors this country needs. ❤️👍 #NoAteneanLeftBehind
it's either i overeat or i hate people and unfortunately for this month, it starts off with the latter.
or is this school just really really small that we're all left with nowhere else to go to
i wish for a walking distance dorm right now like good old college times so i can just leave to escape people and unnecessary noise.
Balita ko sa City Golf ang afterparty bukas…
I WANT @armimillare TOMORROW. Pwede perform ka nalang sa Blue Toast?? :((((
Read this to destress!!!! Highly entertaining HAHAHAHAHAHA.…
6 Plus?? How big is that 6 Plus??? “@ANCALERTS: JUST IN: Apple unveils iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus
Thankful for Dr. Alfonso's prioritization mapping technique (if that's how you call it)
BB 😭😭😭 come here, I'll feed you good dog food
Imaging of the skull, Anatomy, Physiology and Hisotology of the eye all in 4 hours!! Weee. Two down, two more to go. #headandneck
Head and Neck. Are you ready? 😖💀
i'm gonna need a little bit more time to recover #TheNormalHeart
Thank you anonymous batchmate/s!!! (Tho I don't know what this is that I seek for exactly hahaha). So much effort in writing more than 150 personalized notes for each person kahit may MSK finals kanina. Saktong motivation for the next module👌 #walangi19 #uymediannerveyan
where is the better
Bakit ngayon lang to
3 for me. not wasting this Musubi opportunity. NOM NOM NOM.
These legit interior designers have such imba use of imagination and perspective. GANDA SOBRA.
Just published 7th room. Lord God, stop me now :((((
OMG. There IS such a thing as Neyberholic!!!!!!!! HAHAHA. But can I be as good and creative as the other Neyberholics? :( #DAMINGTIME
Made 5 rooms since I woke up. I know I have to stop designing/playing Neybers [for today] & should just get started with my transes #guh
Slept straight from 5 to 5. Played Neyber until 7 and then watched Doctor Who. Now, what to do #parangwalangfinals
OMG!!!!!! CONGRATS!!! #LabanPilipinas@ANCALERTS: FINAL: Gilas Pilipinas beats Senegal 81-79.”