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John Wylie
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Apparently the Hunger Games movie comes out tonight.
Jesus knows me, this I love.
I am thinking that @KipperWylie needs an @iCPooch -- How can I get my hands on one of these!? #LoveYourPooch #TreatYourPooch
But I don't like it when it takes over an hour for the delivery guy to get here.. :( @PapaJohns
Been trying to get in the discipline of reading my bible before meals. Not doing really good at it. But when I do it's refreshing.
Got a 50% off @PapaJohns coupon in my email. They speak my love language.
You are going to start noticing things are a bit different around here starting this weekend. Keep up with me by following @thejohnwylie! :)
Wow. Last night was so good for my soul. Thank you so much @johnmarkmc and @justinjarvis for coming to Abilene to share your music with us!
Praying for @johnmarkmc and the guys. Seems like they can't catch a break these past few days. Glad to hear y'all are safe and coming still!
You did! And for that, I give thanks! // "@supersimbo: @johnwylie @hiutdenim I like to think I influenced this trans-atlantic awesomeness.."
My @hiutdenim #TechJeans have shipped! I am so excited, you guys! I'm pretty sure I'll be the only guy in Texas with a pair of #GivR jeans!
Curious about @DeskPM and how it works/how the UI is. Been a fan of @saddington's projects for a while. Just a little...unsure.
Abilene's weather needs to get its act together.
After over 2 hours of dealing with customer service, I've finally been helped. Jeez that was a wild ride. @ATT @ATTCares
And how bout that? 3 strikes - the CHAT SUPPORT I am with was hung up on by the Resolutions Department, as well. Oh the irony! @ATTCares
LOL and now @ATTCares is telling me (via chat) that they tried 'calling me back and got voicemail'. Phone never rang. 4 bars 4G LTE service.
Just got hung up on by @ATTCares -- wow. Are you serious?!
Already hear the @abilenepd and first responders zipping around getting to accidents. Y'all be careful out there, Abilene. Drive safe!
If you listen carefully you can hear the @ACUedu, @HardinSimmons and @mcmuniv students praying for a snow day.
If you can't hand your laptop or cell phone to your pastor without clearing history/deleting texts, why do you think you're tricking God?
The good news of the cross? Jesus took our 'Christian Resume' on himself..then gave us His. Spoiler Alert: Christ had the best resume ever.
MANY will come to Jesus with their 'Christian Resume' and He will say to them 'Get away from me, I never KNEW you!'. Uhhh ohh..!
My boy, @RyanCharlesW is on FIRE for Jesus and I love it. Blessed to know this bro. Let's redeem @twitter for Jesus, bruh!
Oh how bold we are to claim that God is not near...yet we are so quick to chase every fleeting thing that captures our affection!
We treat our bibles like birthday cake, not like our daily bread. Then we wonder why we are spiritually dry and starved all the time..?
Realized I am flooding timelines tonight. But it's cool - we havin' church, y'all!
I'd rather be stung by the truth than comforted by a lie.
Young Christian: If the person you are dating is keeping you from growing closer to God, then that is a relationship worth breaking up.
Jesus is not something to be added to our list of commitments and responsibilities. He is to be central in all we do.
Before you tweet, ask yourself this question: Would I say this in front of thousands of real people? Because that's what you're doing.
Christian: What is your motivation for tweeting? To be famous? Or to make Jesus famous?
I am tweeting over at @thejohnwylie most of the time, now. Follow me over there?
I am praying for you today. That God would give you opportunity and conviction to FORGIVE today.
Forgiveness is just as much for the transgressed as it is for the transgressor.
We can forgive others for their harm...but can we forgive ourselves for the things we've done? The cross is big enough to cover ALL!
Friendly reminder: Things will be changing around here. Keep up with me by following @thejohnwylie! Thanks!
Had a great time at @ACUedu Chapel today. Thanks for coming out and worshipping with us!
Hey @ACUedu - I'm going to be on campus with the @TheWellAbilene praise team today leading instrumental worship chapel! Hope to see you!!
I sucks!! // "@LabelGrey: well of course @johnwylie is coming to minnesota on friday...but do i get to see him?? NOPE."
It's definitely not me // "@BeaconLight7: @johnwylie either you're messing with us, or @realjohnwylie should be reported for impersonation."
Wait. Who is @RealJohnWylie!? I'm really confused right now.
Well #alexfromtarget got over 500,000 followers in 36 hours. That's nuts.
Who is this #AlexFromTarget and why is he such a big deal on Twitter right now!? Seriously.
Wait. So some dude is gonna be eaten alive by an anaconda and it's gonna be broadcast on TV!? How is this legal?!
He is making this look easy..! #SkyScrapperLive
Nik looks a little nervous right now... #SkyScrapperLive
First words off the wire? "I praise you, God! Thank you, Jesus!" #SkyScrapperLive