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♡ Ivey ∞

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RT if you would like you're name written in my bio :) ill chose 5 :)
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What kind of things annoy you? — When Mikey doesn't see some of my tweets I guess
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If you could have any question answered, what would it be?... — Mikey Fusco asking would he marry me ?
What is the most delicious berry? — Strawberry
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Who's ur favorite 2b1 boy? :) — :D Thank you for this question, Mikey and Louis and Madison and Jason !!...
What do you notice when you walk into someone's home for the first time?... — The kitchen
RT if this is the cutest thing you've ever seen
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Tobeone is gonna end up verified soon I feel it
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@IveyChanel_106 Tweet them to me when we are gonna be interviewing @tobeone :)
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@IveyDoe_227 that's awesome much love ur very talented:)
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@IveyDoe_227: @TheRealJStarr No, your awesome and talented .” Thank you!!
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RT @IveyDoe_227: @ChrisTrondsen Are you just now watching the VMA's ? c: --> Yes. :/ I was doing interviews at a concert in LA last night.
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Who or what made you smile today? — Seeing ToBeOne at the VMA's . @tobeone
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What are the three most important things for you to be ha... — Mikey Fusco, Mikey Fusco, Mikey Fusco @Mikey_ToBeOne
Hi, why can't you notice me? :( — Your anonymous . :(((
Who is ToBeOne? — A sexy dance group .
:c .... — Why the sad face buddy ?
Follow me on Twitter?? Please! — I don't know who you are . .-.
Your SO gorge. o: — Thanks!
What makes you happy? — Mikey Fusco @Mikey_ToBeOne
Are you a good liar? — Yes .....
Would you choose money or fame? — Fame .
Omg, you love Mikey Fusco???????????? — Omg, yessur !!!!!
Hiyya! Your pretty. :) — Hiyya ! Thanks . c: <3
Asdfghjkl! Mikey! — Asdfghjkl ! I knowww !
Which ToBeOne boy do you like? Stay away from Louis! — Uhm, I like Mikey and okay, sure thing .