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❤️ e i l l e m ❤️
#CumYahGyal mi know seh mi blind, but sit down on my cocky mek my cocky recline 😂
When girls say the pum pum tight and it be like.... #MiBumbo 😂
My mother give the WORST instructions❗️ "Wuh it name" next to di "Sittn" 😳
☀️😁 My morning workouts: 1. "P.O.G.E." (Pull Out Game Exercise)#YaadVineENTT �
Oh she didn't like everyone making meme of her 😂😂
when a song turns u from scholar to thot in .02 seconds
KHS needs to provide the senior class a reserved senior section for all the games cause we're too live & the parents were complaining 😂😂
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@MellieLuvvYuhh I was gunna come closer and say hi but you guys were singing n shit and I wasn't tryna ruin it 😂😂
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@MellieLuvvYuhh Was hella MIA Tonight! Where tf were you at! 😂😂😂😂
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Imma be so out of it tommorow. 😩
Mr. Newman opened my eyes today man. 👀
I miss my white boy. 👱😩
Chanice got me dead with these tweets 😂😩
@ShestayBALLIN: “@ThatLatinGuy_: Y'all women really do act like this”lol @MellieLuvvYuhh this me or nah!😂” yaas lol😂
@MellieLuvvYuhh are you going to? Soo ya know You can drive bae (me) to get lunch with bae (you) 😂😂😂
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@MellieLuvvYuhh thought her car was with the TU's today...NOT! Tf 😂😂
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You act like I committed a robbery. 😳
“@OMGBackDimples: If Y'all Don't Remember Stinky Ben😷😳 Y'all Losing LMFAO😂”the episode when raven hooked him up tho
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That's why I can't stand underclassmen always think they runnin some shit like please have your young ass a seat
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That nigga was about to get seriously broke off😒👊
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I like how Chanice wanna give me advice but she can't take my advice. 😂
Mr. Fors was lowkey bomb back in his day. 😳😂
OMG why did Evelyn do this to me 😩
I shouldn't have pushed my squats to the limit. 😩#soreAFF
OMG I can talk about the old Disney all day, any day.👌