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Ojekunle ibraheem
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If u know u have big head don't marry a lady with bigger head. una pickin no go wear Polo ooo, except the Polo get Zip."
Iyanya & Flavour wil just b whining waist wit muscles. If they channel that energy 2 PHCN, 9ja wil av stable electricity"
"@TejuComedian: It amazes me that people are afraid to talk in the exam room when the question clearly said "discuss""
English teachers have NO right to Gbagaun."
Cristiano Ronaldo has more hattricks In his career than Chamakh has Premier League shots."
You're watching a movie, then its written 35years later, and the dog in the compound is still alive.. Just know its Proudly 9ja"
MamaAkpos:Aw was ur paper? Akpos:wonderful,but I didn't know d past tense of"think".I thought & thought & thought then finally wrote "thunk"
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Akpos:y r all these people running? Joba:This is a race,d winner will get d cup. Akpos: If only d winner wil get the cup,y r others running?
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An upcoming artiste with his 1st track ever be shouting "U already know who it is!". How we want take know? Did we attend same WAEC lesson?
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SWAG BATTLE - Wizkid's Son Boluwatife vs Peter Okoye's Son Cameron"
think i've just found my new favourite site.
: Norwich 1-3 Chelsea: Willian screamer seals victory: Late goals from Eden Hazard and the Brazilian secured thr..."
I get so irritated when these rap artists say "You already know what it is." No. No, I don't. And I have this feeling you don't either."
When you start finding joy in other people's misery & failures, it's time to re-evaluate yourself as a person. Something is wrong with you.
You can't tweet something and say you didn't ask for opinions, write that shit in your diary next time."
I'm convinced Wenger makes his own clothes so he can save more money."
When your parents have such high expectations for you, it feels good but at the same time it's so frightening"
I don't like boys with soprano voices. How can we be doing midnight call and you'll be sounding like Tiwa savage"
Comparing yourself to other people can lead you to progress in the wrong area of your life. Go your pace & in your lane."
I will blow your brains out!", the Nollywood actor said with a gun pointed to the other actor's... Chest ☹"
If I download music illegally in Jamaica does that make me a pirate of the Caribbean?"
Where do babies come from?"Lol
No matter how broke a guy is, money for abortion will come out from anywhere when he impregnates a girl."
She mistakenly stepped on her BB Q10 & heard a crack. She closed her eyes & silently prayed it was her leg that broke."
If The Children of Israel were Nigerians, They would have wasted the whole day at d Red Sea taking pics, Then upload on Instagram &facebook
Wenger was gathering that Mesut Ozil's money for 10yrs, gunners will have to wait another 10yrs to see this happen again"
Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong?"
"@QuestionObvious: Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong?"
Can i kill spiderman with baygon?"
Guys be holding their D and girls be grabbing their boobs as this pastor continues to scream "Ur year of Massive Endowment, 2013!!""
I can never trust a girl with Terry G's song as ring tone! Those are the type that can steal ur ceiling fan at nite"
Pls ask Ur BF(s) for a gift dat befits Ur Local govt. Ibadan girls shldnt have anything to do with Bold5 & iPhones biko"