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Exclusive trailer for Rosewater -the directorial debut of Jon Stewart and stars Gael García Bernal-… #RosewaterMovie
"On break, quickie question, any role you'd give your soul to play?” — @Lowecat #AskRonPerlman
.@iTunesTrailers @kellycreeves Book of Life is as unique and original a world I have ever seen explored on film. #AskRonPerlman
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.@iTunesTrailers @kellycreeves The thing that differentiates one project from another is the scope of imagination employed. #AskRonPerlman
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"How was #TheBookOfLife different from any other voice acting u have done?” — @kellycreeves #AskRonPerlman
.@iTunesTrailers @ckarmi ...upon working on Guillermo’s film in Mexico City in 1991 #AskRonPerlman
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.@iTunesTrailers @ckarmi I learned about the Day of the Dead, along with so much other Mexican folklore... #AskRonPerlman
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.@iTunesTrailers Certainly not hard to get into character for voice acting. A little bit more challenging for live action #AskRonPerlman
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"Did you know much about the Day of the Dead celebrations before #TheBookOfLife” — @ckarmi #AskRonPerlman
Let’s take a few fan questions. #AskRonPerlman
Is it harder to get into character when voice acting, or doing live action? #AskRonPerlman
Xibalba isn’t the type to play it safe. How does he “stack the deck”? #AskRonPerlman
.@iTunesTrailers ...Then we find out who is willing to play fair and who is not…hint hint… #AskRonPerlman
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.@iTunesTrailers There are two suitors for the hand of one girl. La Muerte bets on one of them and I bet on the other... #AskRonPerlman
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What is the nature of Xibalba’s wager with La Muerte? #AskRonPerlman
.@iTunesTrailers They are a delicious blend of devil may care and joi de vivre #AskRonPerlman
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.@iTunesTrailers Their ways of spicing up the marriage are rather perverse and challenging. #AskRonPerlman
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.@iTunesTrailers No they are two spirits that have been around for a few thousand years. #AskRonPerlman
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Tell us about your character Xibalba and his wife, La Muerte. Not your typical married couple, are they? #AskRonPerlman
.@iTunesTrailers Pure joy. One of the most fun, most adolescently challenged individuals you could want to share O2 with #AskRonPerlman
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Guillermo del Toro is the film’s producer and someone you’ve worked with before. What is it like collaborating with him? #AskRonPerlman
One hour until our live Twitter Chat with @perlmutations. Send questions with #AskRonPerlman.
What would you #AskRonPerlman? @perlmutations chats with us about #TheBookOfLife tomorrow at 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET.
Chat with Ron Perlman (@perlmutations) about #TheBookOfLife on Friday, 8/8 at 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET. #AskRonPerlman
What would you #AskRonPerlman about his new film #TheBookOfLife? Join our chat with @perlmutations on 8/8 at 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET.
Join our chat with Ron Perlman (@perlmutations) about #TheBookOfLife on 8/8 at 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET. #AskRonPerlman
The Penguins of Madagascar "go in hot" in this exclusive DreamWorks Animation trailer debut-…
Experience the incredible story of Jane and #StephenHawking. Exclusive trailer for #TheTheoryOfEverything…
This Christmas, be careful what you wish for. Exclusive new trailer for @DisneyPictures INTO THE WOODS :…
Based on the incredible life of Louis Zamperini, excl. trailer for Unbroken from Dir. Angelina Jolie.… #UnbrokenMovie
See Mandy Patinkin father @zachbraff in this excl. clip from #WishIWasHere -the Garden State for grown-ups comedy.…
See Christian Bale in the exclusive epic first trailer for Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings:… #ExodusMovie
See @JimCameron's journey to the bottom of the Mariana Trench- the deepest place on Earth. @DeepChallenge excl. debut…
The #DraculaUntold trailer is an iTunes Exclusive. See the it now on iTunes. #AskLukeEvans
@Leggytweets #AskLukeEvans I'm hoping there are elements of both. But "charismatic foreigner" is an interesting option. ;-)
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@mellissaggp hmmmm I always wanted to be a pathologist. But I'm not so sure now. Probably own a cool bar on a beach somewhere beautiful.
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"do you think the character is more frightening as a charismatic attractive foreigner or the nosferatu type." — @Leggytweets #AskLukeEvans
@donasan6 #AskLukeEvans I'd love to. One if my dreams is to tread the Broadway boards one day. And thanks!!
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"If you weren't an actor, what would you like to do?" — @mellissaggp #AskLukeEvans