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#Employee #rights in Islam – ‘Pay the worker his wages before his sweat dries.’ #Instruction of the Prophet (pbuh)
When #hypocrisy is mentioned in the #Quran, lack of the remembrance of #Allah is mentioned. Safeguard your faith with remembrance of Allah
"What really counts are good endings, not flawed beginnings." IbnTaymiyyah
His enemies felt he was too liberal when he gave women the right to inheritance 1400 years ago! #ProphetMuhammad
Islam is an easy religion! It only prohibits what is harmful to the individual, society or both
N all other verses N the #Quran which speak abt witnesses without specifying male or female,a female #witness is equivalent 2 a male
He would kiss his children in public, show them complete love and taught us about children's rights! #ProphetMuhammad #islam
Build a well or #share in #building it. As long as #people #benefit from it, you get the #reward- even after #death. #sadaqajariya
Contrary to popular belief, #islam was spread by good character and preaching, not by the sword!
Do not speak during the Friday Sermon (khutbah) – not even to tell others to keep quiet.
God created everything; there is no justification for worshiping anyone besides #God #islam !
Among the young Sahaba who became #leaders were Ibn Abbas, Ibn Umar, Ayesha, Anas Ibn Malik, Usama Ibn Zaid and Abu Hurairah. #leadership
We can accomplish anything with #Allah on our side. Watch the following and be inspired:
Only Allah can protect us from evil. Amulets, talismans and good luck charms have no place in the life of a believer!
أعان الله قلبا تمنى ما ليس مكتوباً له .
#Allah describes a major #problem with #humans as follows"Indeed he is extreme in his #love for #wealth,"100:8 i.e. #greed and #materialism!
The #Prophet was guaranteed entry into #Paradise yet he would pray at night until his feet cracked - let’s make tahajjud a habit. #RoleModel
The Qur’an challenges humankind to find ONE mistake in itand if you can’t find a mistake understand that it is from God
Do not fear death! Fear dying in a state which is displeasing to #Allah!
#God wrote several letters to you, have you read them ?! #Hope #Happiness #Love
Amazingly the #Quran uses siraj (#lamp) for the #sun & noor (#light) for the #moon. It wasn’t known then that the moon merely reflects light
Descriptions of the #Last Day in Quran& hadith #remind us that our stay in this world is short &we will be answerable to Allah on that day
Islam isn't just something we tell people about; it's something we show them in our actions and character!
التويتر ادخل عشان اتحلطم مع نفسي واخرج.
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ربي اجعل كل من غادر الحياة له حياة أجمل واجعل قبره نوراً وضياءً،اللهم إرحم موتانا برحمتك التي وسعت كل شيء.
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