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Beware of your temper, and a loose tongue! These two dangerous weapons combined can lead a person to the Hellfire #islam!
{والذين آمنوا وعملوا الصالحات وآمنوا بما نزل على محمد وهو الحق من ربهم كفر عنهم سيئاتهم وأصلح بالهم} [محمد:2]…
Even the smallest #good and #bad #deeds we do will be taken into account on the #Last #Day!Do not regard any deed as #insignificant! 99:7-8
The #value of a person lies in their Islamic #manners and not bodily structures. #behavior
"The best among you are those who have the best manners and character." (SahihBukhari) #Hadeeth
{والذين لا يشهدون الزور وإذا مروا باللغو مروا كراما} [الفرقان:72]…
#Appreciating and #thanking people who do good to us is a way of appreciating Allah's #favors on us
During the Prophet's (saw) most difficult #trial,#Allah revealed Surah Yusuf as a source of #hope for him and anyone else who reflects on it
Wearing a bikini or miniskirt is not liberating; it is degrading. Free yourself from the desires of men;observehijab!
#Vaccine against #depression! A heart which has a strong link with #Allah. #treatment
{يوم تأتي كل نفس تجادل عن نفسها وتوفى كل نفس ما عملت وهم لا يظلمون} [النحل:111]…
#AlKauthar refers to a #river in #Paradise that #Allah has granted to the best of #mankind, His #Prophet #Muhammad (peace be upon him)
Abdullah Ibn Abbas spent his #teenage years studying under the #senior Sahaba, sometimes waiting for hours in the #desert #heat to meet them
Let us strive to have #good manners – they weigh very heavily on the scale of deeds on the #DayOfJudgment
#Focus on your salah. The percentage of #reward we get for the salah depends on the amount of #sincerity & concentration in our salah
{إن الذين كفروا وصدوا عن سبيل الله ثم ماتوا وهم كفار فلن يغفر الله لهم} [محمد:34]…
#Purify your #heart & do whatever you do for the sake of Allah alone - and Allah will raise your station in this #world & the next
Want to thank Allah for his bounties? Obedience to his laws is a good way to thank Him. #Obedience #Laws #Thankyou #Allah #bounties
Love of Allah leads a person to do what pleases Allah. This is one of the facets of a Muslim’s motivation in life. #LoveGod #ILoveGod #Love
Don't let life pass you by! We only have this one chance to earn Allah's pleasure and Paradise!
{ولا تمش في الأرض مرحا إنك لن تخرق الأرض ولن تبلغ الجبال طولا} [الإسراء:37]…
Those who deal with interest on loans have entered into a war against Allah and His Messenger.
Everyone should serve #Islam according to his/her abilities, skills, talents and time. Each of one of us has something he/she can contribute
We are told to work for the #Hereafter while it’s far from us, so how about the world we live in? Strive for good here & in the hereafter