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ItsWyz Gee Baby ™
Want to Grow Your
Social Media, Free?
family is all that matters
new hobby! dancing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Girl lemme love you!!!
If she values her beauty than yall relationship. #Slyza_baba
I posted a new photo to Facebook
real niggas stay outta jail and try to build a better tomorrow
girl you want Romeo? :v that shit is just fake.
you used to reject me for guys like him but now.....
"humans are fvcking dumb still thinking PAC is alive"
yelawolf - heart break
you know your dreads are dirty when that Stats Test is killing you. :v scratching your head like Ish!
its easy to cheat using an android phone.
has music ever made you feel like falling in love?
a chick in a mini cooper with em shades on. :p
NowPlaying - We Are Toonz - NAE NAE. dropping that NAE NAE and mixing it with yeet and a bit of Whip :)
5 people followed me and 5 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by
my timeline is overflowing with this name "Lil mike" happy birthday my nigga!
Today stats: 9 followers, 4 unfollowers and followed 4 people via
Ingubo yamehlo for who? inspired by Leendokuhle Sharon :v
girls what you wear is provocative
DJ khaled - Take it to the head!
7 people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by
producing is more fun than rapping, its like making a baby and letting a teacher to grom the kiddo
eminem has always been the Air Max king, wtf yall talking bout
keep the fame but bring more fortune. more money more problems but it wont be a problem to have money like casper
God is my real Ghost writer
Morale - Year on fire(feat. Maggz and Reason)
gotta make it to heaven
im loving em 808 sounds though :)
what's up with me and this new age kwaito typa beats? -_- gotta go harm!
Buying useless shit isn't even fun to me anymore. I'd rather not touch shit and spend it on my bills so I don't have to think.
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No electricity? I'm going back to sleep. 😑
Professor: what inspired you to write this essay? Me: the due date
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Theres no greater challenge in life than trying to convince a girl that shes wrong...
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It pisses me off when I plan a conversation in my head and the other person doesn’t follow the damn script
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I've got money on Kim and Kanye to call their new kid "Wild Wild"
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Whoever said 'Money can't buy happiness' clearly isn't good at spending it.
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When females get in a relationship, there friends be like"OMG, Girl call me, fill me in, how is he?.. Dudes friend's be like "Did you hit?"
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When old ladies talk about how they weren’t allowed to work or go to school when they were young I’m just like omg stop bragging.
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I can be an asshole. But I'm an asshole that cares deep about shit that matters to me
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#MyDadWouldAlwaysSay. Fuck i never got much advice from him so #MyMomWouldAlwaysSay Given, woman will destruct you so do your grind.
#MyDadWouldAlwaysSay well, the fact that i have no dad i'll change the hashtag #MyMomWouldAlwaysSay "why do you eat a lot?" 😂
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