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ItsWyz Gee Baby!
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if you got admitted at Hip hop/Rap hospital and you never had Shady Aftermath pills. nigga go back to your...
I still don't get it, why is Wednesday written like WEDNES instead of Wensday!
"I'm still hoping one day I might hear you say; I make you feel a way you've never felt before."
Sarkodie - Lies(ft Lil shaker)
having time to spend with her having airtime to call her best Shit!
visiting hours are over stop checking my profile... Lol ;)
question how y'all niggas fit em legs in them skinny jeans? O.o
"Listen to her heart beat and write a love for her " -Wyz
(If Heaven was a mile away) Would I pack up my bags and leave this world behind? (If Heaven was a mile away) Or...
I posted a new photo to Facebook
Adele or Jhene Aiko? eish Adele don't make me choose :'(
I WANNA PLAY A GAME Yeah, let's play a game hop in " ujola emang wama Top Top 7?"
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'two wrongs don't make a right and we both wrong but we gonna fight till we get it right" - WyzSaidIt
You fix your make up, just so Guess you don't know, that you're beautiful Try on every dress that you own You...
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" I believe that everything dies, R.I.P to the feelings I had for you " -WyzSaidIt
to all them ladies, Single ladies and single mothers.. Slum Vill - Detroit Deli
Facebook and Twitter trends #NotSenzosDad
I'm just tryina show you what you've been missing them other niggas just thirsty!
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Someone sent this to me so im just passing it Learnership programme The Taxi Industry(SANTACO)is offering a...
J Cole - In The Morning (ft Drake)
Its adding new friends day!
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Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry
brothers know that the streets ain't got love for our sisters and daughters. love your woman protect your woman
Gudda Gudda - Enemies(Tom, Crooked I, Ace Hood and Trea Tha Truth) im praying for my Enemies
Rappers with Grade 5 vocab :( I just flush em
tell me to sallow my pride! WTF you tryina get me killed? that Ish is too big for me to swallow
I love my baby yeap yeap I love my chick(I love you baby) remember this song?
Terrace Martin - No Wrong And No Right
rappers were never part of the human evolution. music made us ya herd!
rappers were never part of the human evolution. Ya herd?
when JESUS says yes no asshole can say no! my nigga Lorenzo wa tipc told me that
stop killing each other and just smoke a blunt
abaphuz' amanzi, mntwana onjani oFry(a) amaPolony
I beat the beat up, no boxing ring!
Lil Kim - Stadium Music (ft Yo Gotti) Lil Kim - Whenever You See Me(ft Cassidy)
Some say I'll be better without you. But they don't know you like I do. Or at least the sides I thought I knew. - Adele
Each and every time I turn around to leave you I feel my heart begin to burst and bleed.
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Kendrick Lamar - Sing About Me(I'm Dying of thirst)