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Not Will Ferrell
If you're ever gonna sleep on the job, do it like the 7th guy here, pure genius...
When someone brags about being drunk all the time:
That moment when the person you like texting the most goes to sleep:
Ice bucket challenge?? That's $12.99 worth of ice... water.... and bucket.
When your twitter app randomly closes by itself
Damn, best Snapchat pics ever! These people have some serious skill, don't act like you're not impressed...
That moment when you lose your stingray, but then find it again:
When you’ve just coughed your lungs out and your friend asks if you’re ok:
When you want a piece of someone’s food, so you sit there looking at them like
Alright Football fan mofos, come challenge me in 1-week Fantasy Football for free, $100,000 to the winner! Sack up 🏈
The best friendships are built on sarcasm and inappropriateness.
The friends who buy you food are friends for life.
I make myself laugh, I should date me.
I go $100 to $0 real quick.
If watermelon exists, why doesn’t earthmelon, firemelon and airmelon? The elemelons.
R.I.P to my sleeping schedule.
When you get a text from someone you don’t want to talk to:
Awkward wrong number texting fails, these kill me...
About time someone made a blackface emoji… Makemoji app stepped it up!
Cheerleaders are known for being sexy, these ones in these pictures are not:
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I can't sing... Doesn't mean I wont.
When you see your “bae” tweeting someone else:
Dear Makemoji app, thank you for making this middle finger possible. RT to save a life.
Dear idiots who park their car like this, I will slap you...
If you can find your name on one of these, I just wanna let you know, your parents are basic and have no creativity.
So who spent their entire summer on Twitter and Netflix?
Dear Dr Phil, it's quotes like these that really make me question your intelligence...
The ultimate question in life... Is Petsmart supposed to be "Pet smart" or "Pets mart"
When you’re trying to tell a story but your friends aren’t listening:
This is what it looks like when the Grand Canyon is illuminated by lightning.
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I hate when the teacher forgets to erase a few marks on the board and you die a little inside.
Dear 90s kids, please tell me you remember at least half of these...
Who wore it better? RT for White Chicks, Fav for Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora... #VMAs #VMA2014
That moment when you realize Usher is beside you... #VMAs #VMAs2014