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The Jo Johnson™
Beyoncé stans in full effect today smh
My conversation is addictive, some people might catch em a buzz 😏
The reporters faces got me dead 😂M
When a girl says "I really ain't got no dude I talk to at all"
Cops are killing people with they arms up, and your main focus is trying to harm us..? 😴
You used to call me on my cell phone... Late night when you need my love 📲
How do you pin a tweet?
Netflix needs to update their shows every week
This is a MUST SEE for all football players and fans!…
Cuffin season coming up... 👀
We focus so much on racial inequality, but we always ignore the financial inequality that's be huge in our country since Day 1.
Some people live their entire lives trying to please others and that's sad.
Big happy birthday shout out to @_2JOHNS! Love you fam
#TXST got a geo filter on snapchat 👀
Loyal girls are hard to come by these days, so fellas if you get one treat them right!
That's what I'm saying. Oakland don't got an O line. Nor does Clevland. And Indy didn't give him a lot of carries…
Oakland released Trent Richardson.. The Cowboys or the Saints could and should pick up the 1st rounder for a steal
Women with goals>>> 😍
They money rules the world... You can't pay God with it!
If I make it to heaven I hope it comes with a view
I'm glad I've never been one of those people who doesn't know what they want.
When you figure out what you want, you know where to find me.
MTV used my tweet as a source for an article on Wiz Khalifa's arrest
On Air With The Jo - Phone Interview w/ Andrea Godin
Got plenty to talk about tomorrow for #OnAirWithTheJo after the #VMAs tonight!!
I can't take back the hurt that I've caused people in the past, but I can positively impact others in my future.
I truly do appreciate all of those who know my flaws and accept me anyways.
Some people will simply never accept your flaws, but you can focus on life with the ones who accept you for who you, are mistakes and all.
We make these faces at each other all the time so of course it would happen on camera too @ThatGirlYouLuv_

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