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Gio the Sav
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Everyone you idolize wakes up scared to be themselves sometimes.
Good looks run in the fam. Little bro just runs faster.
On a Tuesday night? That's Fair. @ Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter
*Sees dog on the Internet and pets it with my mouse*
#WhenIWasYourAge Photographs were records of your life experience, and not the life experience itself.
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#WhenIWasYourAge A photograph lived inside your camera, cloaked in mystery for weeks, until you took exactly 35 more photos.
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#WhenIWasYourAge We consumed Twinkles, Cool Whip, and Yoo-hoo, without questioning their chemical composition.
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Like 42,000,000,000 (42 billion) miles away.
Some mind-blow for today: If the proton of a hydrogen atom was the size of the sun, the electron would be 11 times the distance of pluto.
Off guard I was. Caught I was.
White guys who say the N word are the type who would buy everything in a particular Nike collection and wear it the first day of school.
White girls who say the N word are the type that would give you road-head while they're driving the car.
Midnight city @ Centennial Olympic Park
Guys are scumbags, so if u have a man that doesn't cheat on you... Let the other shit slide and be happy. A loyal guy is rare these days.
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I guarantee that Hitler put syrup on his eggs.
When your brothers the next Devin Hester
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Cashews are the Rolls-Royce of the nut world.
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Say NO! to drugs. Say YES! to drugs. It really doesn't matter what you tell drugs because if you're talking to drugs, you're taking them.
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When you want to travel but your wallet be like
Is that your dream or your girls dream?…
There isn't a character limit in the DM's anymore so now you all can write a Shakespearian sonnet to go with your dick pics
I'm sure more species than fruit flies are self aware. This is hardly shocking.…
Flip me soft toss so I know it's real. ⚾️😍❤️
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But I'm used to it thoooo. I've always been an afterthought.
Anyone else just pour a bunch of water in a pan to convince yourself that 'it just needs to soak'
You know you're an adult when you no longer play the games on the back of cereal boxes.
A friend in Europe just texted me asking what the hell is going on in America. I didn't know what to say. #ChristianTaylor
One of the things I miss most about the old days is going to blockbuster with my mom on Fridays and picking out a movie.
I'm glad nobody is home, walking around my house naked is so therapeutic.
I would rather re-watch pixels. Which was slightly less enjoyable than slamming my fingers in a door. #FantasticFour
It was like a coma patient waking up after 20yrs and he's not quite sure what's going on but somehow everything's resolved. #FantasticFour
The new fantastic 4 was like a 100 minute trailer for a movie that never actually happened.
When someone tells me to get a life.
There's 2 types of people because I hate this school year already.…
Conversations with momma
Speak kindly of your enemies. After all, you made them.

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