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Putri Kalahiang Bie
WOW #5SOSAshtonSexiest become 2nd on TRENDING TOPIC!!!!! @Ashton5SOS
wow #5SOSAshtonSexiest now got 3rd on trending topic :D
not only @Ashton5SOS ; @Calum5SOS , @Michael5SOS and @Luke5SOS are ssooo adorable with their voice :*
how cute he is...i dont care what people say but #5SOSAshtonSexiest @Ashton5SOS guy i ever see on twitter
#TheBestMoment when all @5SOS follow back your acc, you're the wonderful fans who get noticed by them all :')
the best thing is i can listen to whole @5SOS song without get bother by people around me #5SOSFan
i dont care, i have my own business. #Okay #Bye
Doing selfie while do the task in lab Lol
am i unique? i guess no -_- but why all of you say that? #DontSayThat
cause im not fine at all :(
yay! at least @Nashgrier on twitter! :)
#GetWellSoonAshton be 2nd of trending topic on twitter! we love you @Ashton5SOS :*
hey @Ashton5SOS ! i hope you'll be better soon, ILYSM Ash! you always be my drummer guy! :* God Bless You dear! :D #GetWellSoonAshton <3
What makes you sad? — when i finished my task, i forgot to save it (T.T)
What do you like watching the most on television? — Commercial break -_-
Post a picture of your favorite movie! — this is my fav movie everr!!
What movie inspires you? — Harry Potter = its about friendship :3
Who is the last person you bought a gift for? — my friend ;)
In the 5th floor of Agape building! #selfie #friends #agape
Study..but we're bored to study exam lol #selfie #exam #happy #friends
#mangrove #konservasi #selfie #friends
Event indonesia traditional dance in Jogja ;) #Indonesia #traditionaldance #party
Menanam mangrove di pantai baros, Jogja #mangrove #konservasi
Eat it friend! #birthday #happy #HappyBirthday
Happy Birthday to my friend Yesi :* #HappyBirthday #happy #birthday
when you staring at crush, and he's staring at you too but you pretend not to see him..soo awkward -_-
fortunately i can see a blood moon, even though i just saw it for 1 minute and no taking photo (gerhana bulan merah)
Where were you born? — im from mom
Have you ever fired a real gun? — nope :/
What was your favorite holiday? — christmas holiday
If you were going to Mars, which one item would you bring with you? — phone,book, laptop and food :D
Would you choose money or fame? — money cause i need that, especially for college
How do you learn best: by listening, watching, reading or doing? — reading and listening
When you imagine yourself as really, really relaxed and happy, what are you doing? — texting with friends
selamat hari batik nasional gaees!!
#OctoberWish i wish i could pass my first college in my first smester #amen
What movie inspires you? — idk lol :)
What's on the top of your birthday wish list? — iPhone
Waiting and waiting 😩 #Quiz #Waiting
mrs piggy :v coeg sekali namaku
ketika dosen mengajari, tiba-tiba mengantuk :v padahal materinya mudah :/
What's your favourite chocolate bar? — sneakres Lol
Unity in Diversity :3
Waiting for a friend so me and Yesi chillin and take a photo together #selfie #morningselfie
Gue udh invite pin lu yg lu kasih di LINE grup RT @Johannespartogi: @iPoethry fajar bagi pin lu dong kirim lewat dm ya