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nubia 👯💞
My drawing is pretty lame but accurate af 😂 lol this is my squad💕 all time beaner squad lmao😹💞 #happynationalbestfriendsday
So far im spending summer watching anime & going on tumblr #itsallgood
Oh how I wish I had a dad I could say this to...but I have my mom☺💕#dbz #gohan #goku #anime #quote
Even tho I RARELY wear dresses I like this one☺but didn't buy it bc I'm broke😅😂 #amigirlynow #idk #dress #ilikedit #like
Cause I'm in love with these tumblr girls 👽💞 #tumblr #allnighter #tumblrgirls
I hate how some people know 1 word in spanish & then think they know 100% of it😒pero que menso eres pinche maldito cara de wtf#spaishh
Even the toughest people can't hold it all in...#anime #quote #naruto #zabuzamomochi
I can't take mirror selfies & I'm not that cute either 😅😁✌ but #like anyway
Bruuhhh why am i always involved in love triangles df? 😒😂 shit hella annoying cause i dont even like the nigga foh wit that bs ✌#bsb#wtftf
Have to keep extra Arizona just in case these niggas thirsty 💦😂👌 #arizonatea
The sky got all dark&shit.....i guess someone collected all 7 dragon balls cx
Yo i legit feel like Ghost Supply gonna be Big af #Ineedthis Water Dragon Jutsu from GHOST SUPPLY!… via @_Leftghost
Never take your life for granted👏 Angel beats 😻😇💀💕 #angelbeats #anime
It's hard to give up on something that you spent so much time&effort on 😪😩💔💔
I didnt think it would hurt this much when you let me go 😞😭😪�#singleagaina#ithurtshurts
Kinda wish I was an anime character so I can be cute without even trying 😣😻💕 #ikindalikethis
If yall wanna learn how to kamehameha, this nigga exists
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All these guys messaging me all sweet stuff but you hardly ever message me cute things anymore😞Can we go back to how we were 11 months ago?💔
Follow me on tumblr you guys, please?😆👌�dvrk-envy.tumblr.comIfV
School is hella boring right now #help #school
What is the one thing everyone is looking for? — Disregard females & Acquire currency
Got you some peace tea😌✌since you thirsty💦😹 #earlier #peacetea
When you drop a fire ass tweet and you get no favs or retweets
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bruh lmao😂everyone wanna be a super
×sometimes the right thing to do is let go × Golden time😍😭👌💕 #goldentime #favorite #anime #blackandwhite #quote
Happy mother's day to my beautiful mom💕 I love &appreciate everything you do for me, through thick & thin no matter what you've always been there supporting me👌✊ there's no replacing you & I hope that I'll make you proud someday #happymothersday 👩💕💘
Golden time 😍👌 one of my favorite animes ❤
The fact that i got my lil bro&sis into dbz makes me so proud to be an older sister 😍😭#dbzd#ifeelproudo#theyfinallylearnedned
What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud? — When my sister got me mad but then she ran into the wall ...
What do you look forward to most this year? — THE NEW DBZ SERIES THATS HAPPENING IN JULY 5TH!!!!!!!!

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