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Nubia Ambrosio
"Guy proposing to his gf at the show" "Boys gonna help him" Fandom rn: #1dproposal
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If you're not jealous when a guy is calling me stuff like beautiful,gorgeous, ect. im just gonna leave your ass, love me or lose me ❤👊
A jealous girlfriend is a faithful girlfriend. If she doesnt get jealous when someone has your attention, it's because someone has hers
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I took a #snapshot of @OMGitsDanny_ he's my new background 😍❤
is it just me who wonders if tumblr guys do their eyebrows?like they fill them in like girls?...just me?okay 😂😂#justwonderinging
For real like gtfo im trying to get an education😂 #thetruth
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Barça team: 13. Bravo 4. Rakitic 5. Sergio 7. Pedro 8. Iniesta 10. Messi 11. Neymar 14. Mascherano 18. Jordi Alba 22. Alves 24. Mathieu
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Pizza is bae just saying 😋🍕
If we could only have this life for one more day...❤�#momentt#onedirectionn
i swear a baby's sneeze is the cutest thing ever 😄�#cutesneezeze
ugh babe why you ignoring me? 😞�#letmeloveyouou
i feel like crawling in a hole & dying there 😭😩💀
that moment when you can actually feel your heart break 😢💔
do you ever get in those moods where everything is just so aggrivating? #mymoodrightnow
Things will change, just give it time 😊
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My insecurites will be the death of me. 💀💘
lol is it like too late to text him back? 😂..........seriously tho
Keep rolling your eyes bitch, maybe you'll find a brain back there 😒😂👏👊
haha people who say Florida is paradise hahahafuckyouhahaha ;)
bc who doesnt love doing hw -.-*
So sick and tired of staying up to see the break of dawn 🌅
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Babe we're only here, only for a little while...❤
cause you know who doesnt love gettin hit in the face w/ a baksetball? 😂😞
i told him to say happy birthday im dying ❤�…O
I'd be lying if I said the hate doesn't bug me
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i thought i when you're taken you're not supposed to go to sleep crying
today seems like its a good day 😊💕
Rumor has it that bring me the horizon is gonna play Alligator Blood at riot fest. If they do, I'm moshing. That song jams so hard
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why do the janoskians have to be so damn attractive goddamit.
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I thank Gina with all my heart for giving birth to 3 beautiful boys who are my whole world
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can we all agree that giggly jai is the best jai
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I am dying 😭 asdfghjkl; 😍❤
RT for a DM to Michael 🌸 Free bc he's online and I wanna help you all xo ps proof will be posted (@SpreeUpdatess )
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