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Nubia Ambrosio™
Ignore them mfs who wouldnt move but like yeah it looked cooler in person
Lol I like this pic better :) feat. The real @thegabywhocanfly and her phone 💕 she soo kawaii☺
Been listening to him before he went all mainstream 💓 now all I see in peoples bios are "omg PARTYNEXTDOOR" w.e. tho he still bomb asf
The fact that I took this pic literally right after I threw up is funny to me #thismorning
He lowkey annoyed of me and my selfies😂💖 But I love him and yeah this is late but 3months w. his dark ass already💘 #mce #3months #hisipod #062015
Right now I'm at my best but in the future I'll be greater. . -kohh🔥🔥 #kohh #mcm
Is this real or am I just in a dream 💫 #somethingtopost
#tb dudeee this was probably the funnest day I had so far 😌even tho I fell twice ;-;😭 Photo creds to @celo_moro
The fact that I can rap all of 3005 makes me feel proud 😌👌🏻💕
Highkey want to cop this🔥🔥 but I don't got any mf money😭😭 but y'all should check them out 🔥😌 @ghostsupply #struggleisreal
Can't even see the little polo on my shirt :'( But like this the only time I wear pink✌ #lowkeylikethispic #ralphlauren #badirwinselfieparty
Happy early birthday to my babe 😍💕🔥 @niallhoran #happybirthdayniall #22
I stay taking pics of the sky ☺💕 #inthemorning #sunrise #nofilter
Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby 👾 #awkhand
Show me your broken heart & all your scars💔, baby I'll take you as you are💘
You're my sweet escape💕 #sunset #kinda #yesterday #cloudysky
You make me feel like I'm walking on water🌊💕 Photo creds to @k_delacruz11 go check her out her pictures are the bomb😌💕👌🏻
Underwater squad 😈👿🌊👹 Fuck you He's bae af💜 #underwatersquad #keithape #likee
You told me too many lies and now I see dark skies, but I don't mind the view☁ #darkskies #mypicture #vscocam #today #likee #restartedmyfeed
I think i actually look cute af in this so suck a dick ☺💖
Let's eat food and save the universe like they do🍱🌎✊ #myedit #gokuandvegeta #ishouldbedoingchores
Q: why are nubia's pictures in such bad quality? A: shitty ass android ☺ #badquality #tommyhilfiger
Probably one of my favorite horror movie directors 💕 thank you for all the scary movies R.I.P. Wes Craven 🙏 #ripwescraven
My catchphrase ☺
When you can't watch the VMAs so you end up taking selfies #someonehelpme Btw comment an emoji if I'm inactive and I'll like some pics ☺💕 #likee
Well..aparently im on fire🔥 probably bc my rhymes are fire asf also lmfao jk…s
I got a fire for a heart 🔥💖 #dragmedownlyrics
If you think i flirt with you i dont like trust me i dont nigga 😂😊
i bit my brothers arm bc i didnt want him to steal my grapes 😊🍇�#DontTouchMyGrapesapes
Snapchat: Make Snapchat available for Windows Phone! - Sign the Petition!… via @Change
Video by @bmthofficial: "Bring Me The Horizon - Throne"
Something i found on tumblr😊 #vegetaa#DBZZ#editt#supremee (creds to the owner)r
deleting all my old tweets about my ex 😊😊😊
Whenever im on tumblr i reblog pictures of people who have a lot money knowing very well that i cant relate bc my #BrokeAf game too strong😊😭
When theres legit nothing to do so you sit on your couch staring at a wall while eating ramen noodles😂#ContemplatingLifef#Maruchanan
i keep shit to myself for a reason
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#sasorioftheredsand #quote #narutoshippuden #like #ishouldbesleeping #fuckit
I keep seeing a lot of #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow posts 😂😂
Do you guys mind checking out my first video? like/comment/subscribe Thanks Loves💘 First Video !! via@YouTubee

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