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@plexidisaster: @itsmesteeviep I don't ignore you 😘”I know ❤😁
Read receive is so great.
@Chaauncy: "@plexidisaster: MAN OF STEEL SUCKED OMG BA FELICIA"youre stupid”man of steel was a great movie
Never gets picture.
Let me guess you're gonna screen shot that too.
Two things will never change: 1. We never stand still for a picture. 2.We always take pictures in…
@plexidisaster: “@itsmesteeviep: No reply= not down. -sigh-” I'm running now babe 💃💃💃💃”tweet a pic or it didn't happen
Me and my brothers all have or different styles and tastes in just about every category there is. And we still get along and relate.
No reply= not down. -sigh-
@plexidisaster: I hate slow movies.”now I know why you likes turbo so much 😏
I am not a jay z fan what so ever.
@plexidisaster: “@itsmesteeviep: @plexidisaster I know 😢but my sweater is...” *runs back home to get it*” you're not down
@Chaauncy: The way Jay z raps makes me laugh my ass off”I've been saying this forever. I hate him. Haha
@plexidisaster: Movie night in the library plaza �”looks cold ❄⛄
@plexidisaster: @itsmesteeviep take that back Steven Alan Peña.”we always say how we hate when the actresses are bad in Sn
@plexidisaster: Bad acting in a movie makes me wanna throw up.”*supernatural*
@TiggxCunt: Taking your phone off of vibrate just to listen to a vine <<<”or a snapchat video
🙅 An A 🙅 DF.
Hahaha wow. It only took one day!! Im gonna take a "mental note"