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cold & hungry af.
wake n bake
considering how much i drank last night im so surprised how i got no hangover.
sooooooo sleepy but I wanna stay awake cause I don't wanna miss out on the fun
really fuckin drunk nd' really fuckin stoned.
putangina ng may putok sa FX. 😷
the best ka talaga otep! 💕😍
banananananananana. 🍌
why r u so insensitive!?
i'll be a lady in the streets in a dress with her hair tied up
not sure if I'm stoned or naturally trippin.
ain't gonna go to sleep till my phone die
i miss watching robot chicken with u.
nothing kills you like your mind
early mornings for some, no sleep for others.
a seeming big mole at my face, is just the dirt on the mirror. lmao
black ⚫️◼️✔️
drink one, one time.
smoke one, one time.
"You blow so much money on weed.. is it worth it?" Me:
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ambait bait talaga ni otep, hindi ako pinayagan umalis. 😂
anak ka ng chuwariwap!
"Did you save that little boy Jesus?" "Says here he needs 200 more likes."
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at last, 12 hours of sleep!!! i finally feel decent again. lmao
all i do is roll my eyes and sigh
i don't always say the right things but shit at least i'm not fake as fuck
i'll punch all ur crooked teeth out bitch don't test me
i'd rather not fuck with some of you ppl, all yall do is talk shit about each other & then party wit the same ppl u just finished shittin on
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making someone else happy is one of the best feelings
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i often feel myself comforting people with words i want to hear
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parang ang sarap kagatin 😂…l
kagigil ka! shet!
fuck you, thunder. you can suck my dick. you cant get me, thunder, because youre just gods fart. pffffrt...
zeus, stfu! ⚡️
why so evil lola nidora? 🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵
omg! nag kita naaaaa. shet.
this hangover is a bit rude
needless to say, im not in the mood to go out anymore. 😪
fuck you rain! it's friday night please go home! 😤
i miss you Nadia! 🍄J

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