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Kiid Jay
What a day... wow
Who else didn't sleep like this last night?
- kinda hurts when u HAVE to let go of the people that you WANT in your life 💔.. But you always gotta do what's BEST for you 👏💯
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Should I just go with that?
I would have lied too
What does a real man do for his lady? Everything he possible can
The one who makes you smile are the ones who make you cry
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Don't be mad at a dude for hitting on your girl, be mad at your girl for entertaining him.
I just gotta be more careful with the people I let in my life
Didn't know u can go this long ignore my messages...😒😒 love is what you call this
I am not the only one to you
Hearing from you would be so good right now but ik that won't happen 😔
We switched places...
This can't be happening..
When i don't say nuthin and let you do the wrong thing...that's when you should question if i really care
Is it coming back?
This week on twitter: 4 new followers, 4 new unfollowers via
That one EX you don't even count✋😂🙅
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🎧#music #vibe #Drake 🎧
faltan los momentos, pero no tanto a la persona
I got this 1 person I ain't giving up on for shit. No matter what we go thru how long we stop talking that's still gon b my baby 😈💍💞💑
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#Ebola around for one day and everybody tryna get protective and shit but can't wear acondom when AIDS been around for years
I would call you just to see if you would answer but then I don't even have yo number.
In a realtionship, there's gonna be bitches badder than yours or niggas doing better than your nigga. That's where the loyalty comes in💍🔐
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Sad to see the person you have become.
Good luck with that.
The irony is real
It's not working...I'm just saying..
Never be afraid to try something new, life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know.
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Around these times of the night I start thinking a lot and not responding to messages
Yo he killed the nae-nae though 😭🙌😍�
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Twitter stay making me forget I have a text
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What if this keeps up?
Future will speak for itself
Do you want somebody to look at...or do you want a man...cuz I don't have to look like him for you to love you for me
It cost $0.00 cut you off and I LOVE free shit...
Damn you just tweeted 17mins ago and didn't even know it
U ain't tweetin but u up tho?