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Kiid Jay
When the hommie gives you inside info
Not even gonna go back
Didn't see that coming at all..I guess it's over
She send me couch? Lol she not serious
Damn that's the time...I guess I'm sleeping over tonight
One of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make, is whether to stay and try harder, or take your memories and walk away.
If I take one more drink
Steady pace...take it slow
When your mom wakes you up and now you feeling grumpy as hell (ME)
She look sexy doing the shmoney tho 😍😍😂😂 ...ahhh she killed it
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Kiid Jay | Viramaina ft. AblazeDaArchitek - Ancient Cultures 3 (By Les Twins, YAK FILMS ): via @YouTube
R.I.P Granny 😭😭 Happy Birthday...I wasn't ready for you to leave me yet yo...sigh hasn't been the same without you ❤❤❤ I love you so much
These Lakers fans coming out cuz Kobe Bryant putting playing again
It was never about what I want
We all got that person that continuously brings up your past and your mistakes
Now she asking me
Jealousy just reassures your love
Something is coming
When you realize you only got yourself.
When are they gonna realize idgaf 😂😂
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I wonder who I'm going to end up marrying. 🙇😳💍
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Everything Changes
Right back where I was before
Too much in a night
Some people gotta stop feelin themself yo
Suddenly I've changed
I swear I'm flying
I don't need you in my life no may go
I know you ain't wanna leave
Round 2....Where she at lets wrestle
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😂😂My number on the first night? Gotta work that...close tho 😏
Ah Boy!! Lol I goin sleep for real why you don't just go sleep so I could go
Going sleep see....night made :)
No thickness for her lol
I'm full of surprises lol
No boss round here!!😁😊😄😁