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Kiid Jay
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if i fliped burgers at burgr king wud u still luv me?
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*hits blunt* Are pets called pets cause we pet them? Or do we pet them cause they are called pets?
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Nobody is ever needed...just wanted
I'm coming back for ya
They think they know
The world is changing and nobody seems to notice...keep your head screwed on tight without getting manipulated with the corrupted minds
No woman wants her man being "bestfriends" with another bitch 👌💯
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What a weekend yo lol
What's up with this nose piercing shit now 😳😳
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Christmas so near yo
Wow I'm very bored okay a long time
Niggas be still involve with their ex and claiming they have a bae🐸☕️
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🎵🎧And with your permission, Let keep start your ignition, Don't you know that you're reminding me, Of a song on 12 Play.🎧🎵
Is this really where it all began?
I liked a @YouTube video Chris Designs - Funky Beat
You try to fix something but you can't fix what you can't's my soul that needs the surgery...
Learning more and more everyday
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Well when you think about actually forced her to do what she did
You ain't happy and I already see that
" i love hard. i love deep ill love you to the end of the world & back all you gotta do is let me. i promise to make every day yours 🌹"
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My Peep Game So Strong I Peep Something Before It Happen
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The moment that truth is organized it becomes a lie.
Either I lie to you or we cry together
Bruh, their punches are too fast for us to see! That's why they're doing all that dodging
This generation filled with some naughty ass kids yo
Loving my life yo 😊😊
Shit just got real
#Subtweet Idk why my messages not sending in dm...blame twitter
We still got it Lol
Commit to love not to people, commit to happiness because when you commit to people the love leaves and you are forced to stay.
I'm begging you...
Sometimes, the only right answer is silence...which in and of itself speaks a thousand words.
Gettin played is just some shit I ain't with 🙅💯
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Fuck with us then we tweaking hoe🎧
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Tonight yo ☺😊hope it never ends
Living my life to the fullest without regrets
Wish I could have stayed tonight...😔had fun tho
loyalty is not a word it's a lifestyle
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