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Kiid Jay
My Peep Game So Strong I Peep Something Before It Happen
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The moment that truth is organized it becomes a lie.
Either I lie to you or we cry together
Bruh, their punches are too fast for us to see! That's why they're doing all that dodging
This generation filled with some naughty ass kids yo
Loving my life yo 😊😊
Shit just got real
#Subtweet Idk why my messages not sending in dm...blame twitter
We still got it Lol
Commit to love not to people, commit to happiness because when you commit to people the love leaves and you are forced to stay.
I'm begging you...
Sometimes, the only right answer is silence...which in and of itself speaks a thousand words.
Gettin played is just some shit I ain't with 🙅💯
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Fuck with us then we tweaking hoe🎧
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Tonight yo ☺😊hope it never ends
Living my life to the fullest without regrets
Wish I could have stayed tonight...😔had fun tho
"Iphone 6 has people reconsidering their priorities like do I really need to eat this month" lolol
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I swear if she keeps bothering me we gonna end up wrestling 😒
if only i could go back, and unmeet certain people 👿
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If you don't chase your dreams, you'll be helping someone chase theirs
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Should I stay over tonight? Hmmmm shit might happen lol
I like where this is going 😏😏 I love you
That person that's already there when to put a mile on your face :)
I'm sorry. I can't. Don't hate me...
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Ain't nobody forcing you u gettin on nerves today
"@GorgeousEP: RT "@iEat_SheCums: LADIES???" IMA let @1ofAkind_CE answer this for the both of us lol" its going down
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Apparently I don't need to talk to you to get my message across...funny I still think about you tho..ah well
now i reaaally need to be on my job hunt
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How do you think I feel?
I'm just keeping it real
People need to quit assuming, not everything is what it may seem.
Some people so broke all they got is money..
I never had and never will enjoy being home alone...pshhh
Heading to her house..#movienight
You lied, and everything changed...
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You remind me of a song on 12 Play
I really ain't got time for this