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Julz West
Been quiet lately cause this is what most of my days look like atm, it's taking ages to animate this lyric video! πŸ˜…
crazy how much work can go into one song!
Really happy with how this new music's sounding!πŸ™Œ
Much respect to everybody out here working hard at whatever it is you do.
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Trips to the opticians πŸ‘Ž -can I just get laser eye already?
Just imagine being fluent in every language 😌
These are the moments I wish caffeine worked on me. #reallytiredbutivegotsomuchworktodo
Looking forward to getting this stuff out the way so I can get back to writing
Looking good iPhone 6+ 😏
Maybe it's somethin about your eyes 🎢
Anyways I'm up, back to work planning some new stuffs out!
Been having some messed up dreams this week πŸ˜…
really been appreciating the simple things lately
Do you ever just see someone from your past and realise how lucky you were to have dodged that bullet? πŸ‘€
Looking forward to heading out to LA to work on this new music next week
Not sure where this hot London weather came from but I'm not complaining!β˜€οΈ
@ItsJulzWest your songs are my #1 played songs on my mums phone. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’–
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Been taking a little break from creating since the last album. Just sat down at the piano and had a sudden rush of ideas. #excited
Love these song ideas where I know EXACTLY where I wanna take the song. The chorus, bridge, dropouts and all the little riffs & details πŸ™Œ
People that are hungry for the best...for themselves & everyone around them >>>>
Still working on the new lyric video, hopefully will finish it within the next few days!
Gonna make this another week worth living πŸ‘
Gooodmorning twitter!
it's kinda been a videos soon?
feeling inspired πŸ™Œ
Really love seeing people that just want to do great and be great!
i love your difference 🎢
what's so fun about being normal?
Chill Sunday out in London β˜€οΈ
Hope everyone has a good Sunday! (:
it's a john mayer kinda morning
Hello beauty 🎢
looking forward to this change of scenery β˜€οΈ
You just never know who you're inspiring...
that good energyπŸ‘Œ
It's funny you said we'd never make it & look how far we've come 🎢
When I was little was thought little tiny people were playing instruments and singing inside the radio & that's were the music came from
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Goodmorning tho (:
anddd my shoulder's messed up again, must've slept on it funny
Starting to think my mind's stuck in a different timezone πŸ‘€
Going through old pics n found this #wax
Idk I'm always working and looking ahead so it's nice to chill a little and look back briefly, reminiscing on good times
Been listening to my favourite songs from '09 and cleaning up my phone & iPad = old photos n funny twitter screenshots from way back 😌