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Julz West
LA I'm gonna come & steal some of ur sunshine soon 😏
It's starting to feel like winter out here already...
The awkward moment when you're creeping & accidentally Fav a tweet 😳
There's no place I'd rather be 🎢
β€œ@LemanaBabovic: @ItsJulzWest U should be, we're so proud of u!! #LikeThatLyricVideo” -thank you 😊
Pretty happy with my progress this year 😌
If you wanna be a part of it just click the hashtag and find out...I've tweeted it too many dang times already lol #LikeThatLyricVideo
Today and tomorrow are the last days you can post to be apart of this #LikeThatLyricVideo
So excited for the #LikeThatLyricVideo to come out... Hope I'm in it :) @ItsJulzWest
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If you've got the new album send me a screenshot so I can follow you :)…
Gooodmorning/goodnight depending on which loco timezone you're in!
Better get some sleeep, tomorrow's gonna be a long day! Night guys 😴
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world 🎢
You can post on here or on Instagram! :) #LikeThatLyricVideo
2days left to be in this new lyric video. All you've gotta do is post a selfie with some lyrics from Like That & tag it #LikeThatLyricVideoπŸ˜„
Good day out with the familia. Can't wait to get home and take these contact lenses out tho!
Go Karting with the lil bro, about to school him! 😏🏁
Feels so good seeing you guys enjoying the new album after all the work that went into it! πŸ˜„
Go Karting with the lil bro, about to school him!😏�
the awkward moment when your friends pull up your music video on the huge screen you're standing by in Apple Store & everyone stares at you😳
How can you get to YOUR best if you're focused on what everyone else is doing?
Surround yourself with good people. People that genuinely want the best for you
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