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Julz West
how are u guys doing anyway?!
first week as a tourist in LA's over, now it's down to work. who's ready for new videos?!
love those moments when we're forced to grow
Gooood afternoon! ☀️
i've said it once & i'll say it again.. modesty is the sexiest
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stop telling your big dreams to small minded people. 💀🚨
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Good day out at Six Flags Magic Mountain, feelin a little sick from the rides but all good!
Watching cartoons in the queues lol
Crazy headache from going on all the rides 😅
It's been pretty empty today so been on nearly every ride, just a few more to get through!
Six flags magic mountain! Waiting to go in 😄🎢
Six Flags Magic Mountain 🎢
Goodmorning anyone that's up yet!
Couldn't get much sleep!😩
hearing so much spanish all around #loveit
Long day hiking, heading to universal city walk now!
What's everyone up to this weekend?!
Goood morning twitter!
Starting to feel at home in this city
Love those days where you can just slow down and count your blessings 😌
Loving LA as a tourist, can't wait to get to work on this new music next week!😄
I never understand when someone tweets their respects to someone that has recently passed away & ppl reply to the tweet "follow me". 4real?😒
Time & place for everything
Santa Monica pier 🏄�
Santa Monica pier! 🎡🏄
Buenos días!
Really love how things are starting to make sense! #focused 😌
Today's been another long but very good day. Can't wait to see how this all unfolds! Goodnight 😴
Haven't been through dms since I got here, gonna try to do some tonight!
So blessed, so grateful! 🙏
been vlogging a little but this wifi's so slow it'll take forever to upload so i'll just post lil clips to Instagram!
@ItsJulzWest good morning (afternoon) Julz!!! Hope you have a good time in LA!
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Runyon Canyon!😅
What's everyone up to today?!
So beat up after Runyon canyon 😴
Off to Runyon Canyon ☀️
Thought there'd be more free wifi out here 😅