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actions speak louder than words.
lol i don't need a team as long as i have my bestbitch on mamas.
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bestfriend who u tweeting about 👀
omg I'm so fucking petty 😂💁
exes wanna be mad that they couldn't keep they man/woman so they want to take it out on the one who has em.
When Coach Carter came out every Highschool basketball player swore they were Junior Battle or Kenyon
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@Itsjenill: @iKyleDion when you coming to Chicago?” i'll being in chi soon enough
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You're mad bc I got what you couldn't keep? 👀🐸☕️
Patiently waiting for @Itsjenill to make a partynextdoor cover 😊
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@galacticpimp: pizza rolls are only good if you bake them” mmm w hot sauce and ranch
love can do anything from give you wings to shred you to pieces.. send you to paradise and throw you in hell...
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i'm jealous @kehlanimusic tweeted my boo @Itsjenill but all i wanted is a follow back . 😩
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so tonight you should go and take a chance with us ✨☁️9⃣
Now that @kehlanimusic is openly gay .. Can I like have you 👀
#Pisces respect boundaries but if the signs are given they will cross them.
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@Itsjenill: going back to sleep” like me 💗
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going back to sleep
same bullshit, just a different day
[Mixtape] #StillCBC² #GetItLIVE! 🔲 LISTEN👂❓ 🔲 VOTED UP👍❓ 🔲 COMMENT💬❓ 🔲 SHA@ItsjenillItsjenill 😍
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yall don't even know the love and dedication I have to partynextdoor
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Screenshot shame to strong 💪💁
@Itsjenill: she said call her kitty. 😩😍😈”😏
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All i need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend ✊👭💘
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she said call her kitty. 😩😍😈
that feeling when you wanted somebody so bad and they want you back is just like amazing 😍
I love how comfortable we are with each other. It's like dating.. Dating myself 💁
If you can't fart, take a shit, or burp in front or around your bae y'all ain't gonna last.
I'm not afraid to fuck you anywhere, and I honestly don't care who's watching. If you want it you can have it.
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a freaky 😈👅💦 but loyal 🔐💍 relationship >>
you got friend zoned bc u was to busy chasing her heart instead of her pussy
afraid to loose you bc I know there could be someone out there who can treat you better
I love your wild, sexy aggressive side. But I love when you're sweet, kind and gentle. 💕