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Music Is Bae Tho
@ItsDasiaVu: Just want someone on my side..” I'm on your side bae.
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Whatever... I'm fine.
Feel beyond weak right now...
She will always be hurt because of me.
Just want someone on my side..
Just another night, lost in the dark.
So fucking UGH! 💆
The fact that you're picking someone soooo "irrelevant" over me surely does show who's irrelevant in this scenario. But 👌
Really can't deal with this right now..
Oh my fucking god...
@ItsDasiaVu Bruh I could say the same for you but at the same time I ain't got time for allat I be to tired💯
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@ItsDasiaVu 😒😒 what's the matta now ? I'm bout to text you.
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Where TF #TeamLesbian at tho?! 👀😻🌈👭🔥
@ItsDasiaVu cause I ain't never had no one hit me up on some shit like they do to you💯
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What's funny is I NEEEEEEVER go through her phone... Like ever 😡
I really don't hide anything from anyone to be exact ☝️I may not spill every detail but if I'm asked I will most certainly tell.
@ItsDasiaVu I mean these hoes be acting up now a days even friends are hoes 😌💯
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My girlfriend has all rights to go through my phone, I mean, I don't have shit to hide 👐 but then again, she should know that by now 😒
@ThatDangVicky: My boyfriend got nudes of a lot of yall hoes but 🐸☕️😌” that's not anything 2 me proud of😂😂
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Definitely rey go RIGHT back to android..
#TweetLikeJadenSmith If Cinderella's shoe was a perfect fit, why did it fall off in the first place?
*hits blunt* If she tells me to text my hoes, but she's one of my hoes, do I keep texting her?
Bae has nooooo filter yo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👀
@ItsDasiaVu pause✋ I know you not talking to me the girl who feeds you whos pussy your fingers go swimming in🙊🙈👌
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@ItsDasiaVu Bet👊 you will never get a kiss from me again🙊
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@ItsDasiaVu 🙊😳😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
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I don't believe in divorce 👐 once you say "I do" bitch you in this for good now! 😒💯
New avi, if anybody cares.. 🙇
Don't miss me😩 when I'm gone👼🙌 If you ain't fucking with me👈 while I'm here😒✌
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So used to Rihanna being naked I'm looking at her leaked shit like 👐
BUT ☝️ she's 41 and looks better than half of y'all nudes to ya "bae" 😂😂
She looks good for 41 THO! 😍🔥 ANNNND her hair is LAID! �
@ItsDasiaVu: All these celebrities getting leaked liiiiike damn 😳👀” cuz all they exs got together and was mad like shit😂
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All these celebrities getting leaked liiiiike damn 😳👀
3 sides to every story.
I knew there was more to it..