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"Poetry, art & the theatre" was never going to go down well mate. Should have said a tequila & a cheeky Nandos #LoveIsland
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@jnm_x I know 😣😣 the salon has good ratings as well which makes it worse, if this is a good place then wow
@ChloeChantelle1 it's awful chlo 😂 everyone else's before and afters look decent and mine goes from decent to shocking
@ChloeChantelle1 I'm fuming, all they will do is give m e my money back and I'll just be left with scarring 😤
Just got 4 drinks at the drive thru n that guy asked 'do ye want a cupholder'. Obviously a do ya fucking reprobate am no a fucking octopus
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love island is definitely my guilty pleasure 😇
marc on big brother is actually killing me 😂😂
how are people actually tweeting alton towers asking if the smiler is going to reopen anytime soon? Do you have a death wish or something? 😳
@96Saifmalik the empty carriage was a test carriage that they sent out but it shouldn't have stopped and it's all down to a system error
canny believe the smiler ride at alton towers has crashed 😳
just drove past a hitchhiker in the middle of sutton and feel so guilty for leaving him... But then again, could be a daylight psycho 🙈
'hi, my name's Kyle and I'm a website consultant" 😂😂 canny wait fo@TheIslandnd
I think it's time Instagram adds an age limit 😳v
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the sky news labour vs cons budget rap battle is just genius 👏😂
@adamazzabi hate zombie games 😩 has to be killing people
@ItsameTom dislike zombie games so bad 😂 and the other one is fighting werewolves?
@ItsameTom it isn't on xbox one 😩 do you know anymore?
someone anyone recommend a game that's like far cry 4, with similar game play etc? ☺️☺️
@ItsDazzaB 😂😂 can't believe he fell for it
the new grafruitti lucozade though 😍
@carlroney @HulkHogan noooo hulk has just been trolled so bad, so so bad 😩😩
Adam Johnson's girlfriend though 😩 just why3
Got your Parklife outfit sorted? Add this to your collection... RT the Parklife necklace to win it! 😎#Parklife20155n
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more importantly, why did I just fall for it and buy a piece of paper with a handwritten scribble on 😑
Why are people running around Nottingham in suits claiming they're on the apprentice trying to sell a signature on a piece of paper?
@elliottwils10 it has upped it's game this year though
@EMTrains will the train from sutton parkway to nottingham at 8:15 be running/on time this morning?
noooo why did spence give up so easily 😔#bringbackborstall
Spence on #bringbackborstal is breaking my heart. He just needs a lucky break in life.
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@itsDannie: Why did I let my boyfriend open his Xbox one before Christmas, looks like I'm now single” school boy error that
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Why did I let my boyfriend open his Xbox one before Christmas, looks like I'm now single
Manchester shopping time! 👫🙌
@CharFleur 😂😂 deffo had that hotspice on speed dial
@CharFleur @itsStarterKits stoppp 😂😂 at least I didn't have a baby daddy who just come out of prison in my contacts 😩

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