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finally! The coca cola advert! 🎄🎅
the new MAC holiday collection💄😍
when it says " in a relationship" you leave them alone. You don't text them. Don't message them. Don't snapchat them. Get out
witnessing a girl using a pritt stick to do her eyebrows has actually done me, I'm done no one should have to go through that 😂🙈
I'd love it if Stevi won the whole thing hahahaha
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@AshleyNffc94 100%! Simon can see the money behind it
did Louis only stand up for his own act because Simon did? 😂😂😩
Halloween , the only night it's legal to shag a cat
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take me to culture clash 😳😩
swear I'm that psycho girlfriend I swore I'd never be 😂😂😩
I wish my grandma would stop putting up Halloween decorations that look like the KKK is having a meeting in our yard
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time to show the boyfriend how it's done 🙌
@itsDannie: what have I just seen 😩�” LOOOOOOL NO FUCKING WAY!! 😩😩😩😂😭 MAN TOOK THE PHRASE "MY BITCH" WAY TOO FAR
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canny wait for the new series of Geordie Shore tomorrow!
@BenMarshall10 the things I would do to work there 😳
alton towers scarefest tomorrow eeeeeeeek! 🎃👻💀
passenger on the train just randomly handed out free cakes to everyone, today is gonna be a good day
looking after drunk people when sober is the worst 😩🔫
so 1/8 of stereo kicks nudes have been leaked 😂😂
such a messy night staying in watching X Factor
9 Fridays until Christmas, whaaattt
today needs to hurry up and be done with
feel like I need to watch prison break
@BenwyneJones how the hell have you tweeted so much 😂😂
@Lord_Sugar: Sarah thinks she is Kate Moss” 😂😂😂😂
@WORIDSTARHlPHOP: When you miss bae & you're trying not be soft about it” 😂😂😂😂😩
love for all the RKO vines except for this one 😳 bastard
so many RKO vines and I'm not even complaining 😂😂
and the guy bless him is sat down with crutches, what have I just witnessed