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Cassie Lynn ✌
My anaconda don't wanna see any more American horror story tweets
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@ItsCassieYaDig lies. Btw your eye makeup in your pic is pretty amazing.
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I'll never be good enough.
Your cockiness is overwhelming
Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.
@ABCFpll: We're only six dAys away from the #PLLHalloween special during #13NightsOfHalloween!” 🙌🙌
Actually reading the Bible has been proven to be the leading cause of atheism.
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(203): I don't know what the bubonic plague feels like- but I'm gonna guess its something like this.
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The less you care the happier you'll be.
s gone away, it just means they’re bottling it up even more.
They don’t cut anymore. That doesn’t mean their sadness and pain ha
Sometimes, we cry with everything except tears.
People come and go. Some are cigarette breaks, others are forest fires.
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I need to go to Ulta.. Asap..
I need to buy a hazmat suit.
We will never be able to fix ourselves if we can't admit we're broken.
@ATT sorry for telling you to "go home ATT you're drunk" that one time. You're not drunk at all. I forgive you.
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@Jenna_Marbles Give us Kermit & we'll make a deal. Just kidding. Sorry for the trouble. We know Wed. is video day, so holler if you need us.
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Ebola is spreading.. This could get scary.
Just told the costumer service rep my name is Harry Potter because he is so rude I can't take him seriously.
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Still can't believe @Jenna_Marbles followed me.
Watch out this city will burn you alive.
Can't decide if I'm terrified of Ebola or not. Depends on the day.
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Freedom can be frightening if you've never felt it before.
Your eyes say stay but your hands let go.
@ItsCassieYaDig yeah but there aren't politicians threatening to take our pasta away hahahaa!
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My neighbors must be having amazing sex rn because I can hear them aaaalll the way at my house.. Shut the fuck up this isn't a porno.
@ItsCassieYaDig: @Jenna_Marbles @ATT @TWC throwin shade.” I'm not even throwing shade at this point I'm throwing full blown darkness.
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@emma_jeane @alanahgreen96 Choose your battles. We are not the ones oppressing woman. Go away.
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Dear followers, I trust that regardless of what I tweet you are educated enough to formulate your own views and opinions. I respect that.
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My dad used to tell me not to talk to boys bc they distract you from doing well in school/life & I'd be like whatever gtfo But it's true af
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Unfortunately going to bed so I can get up early for work trumps #KimOfQueens 😫😭😡
I haven't watched #KimOfQueens yet.. But seeing all these tweets makes me wanna get outta bed and turn it on. @Kim_Gravel @allisynvaralla
My logic is this.. Winter is cold. Concerts are inside. Inside is warm. Concerts = warm. Go to concerts to stay warm.
I have so many concerts that I want to see in the next couple of weeks.. @blameshift @prettyrecklesst @TPROfficial @SWStheband @royalblooduk
I tear my heart open just to feel.