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Man ima really have to get tatted on my own tho
I ain't gon flex I ain't gon front whenever you call baby I roll up.
I have really soft skin like a 👶
Cause in the end they'll judge you anyway so whateverrrrr🌚
Is it lame to go to the movies alone? Cause I be wanting to sometimes lol
I'm addicted gah damn I'm a addicted she know that she got me
She taking them clothes off I fell right in love with her body
Ok I shall get up & do something with myself
& it was you so I was wit it , to tell you the truth I wish we never did it
It got easier huh ?
Ew... When Jacobs hair was long in the first twilight
She don fuck around she bussin'
Now tell me was it worth it ?
Phone dyin & I'm not finna go upstairs
I just have a habit of laughing when I know someone is lying to me
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Couldn't have really been mad
My parents argue then are best friends again in 10 mins 😭
a real man wants to explore her mind,body and soul.
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dont push away those who care about you
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@kaypizzle__: @_ItsBRIAbixxtch I felt like it was a sign lol but it wasn't nothing special” headass Jp Jp
@_ItsBRIAbixxtch lol that's what you do when your up late 😂😂
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I was gonna be at church just in a few hours so I just stayed up😊 the end
But anyways I put it in my phone then I was about to call it till I realized what time it was (4:30am)
Then you felt like you just had to call the number or something would happen ? lmao #notfunnybutfunny
You ever stayed up really late like super late and one of those commercial things came on about if you wana give your self to Christ and ...
They might be able to become clean I dunno
I reaaaaaly fucked up my white vans the other night man
After this fuckin rain stops ... The ground dries , and it warms up
🌌 can we just lay and look out into the night ?
Your body is my healing
Everything takes 🕓
Then there's the people that are too stupid to realize that you're obviously going through some shit & just see it as you "blowing them off"
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Years , not months..
I'm tryna Glo ⬆️ wit somone , you know to where you look back through the years and see how far you've come with each other
If u not tryna glo wit me then what we doin foo ?
@_TaCara: Dudes be like "wtf I gotta lie for" & still be lying 😂😭😩” deadass😂
Id be so happy if I had some 🌚
Your not familiar with Turkish food if all you've had is s gyro
You gotta stay ready 💫
When your mom calls you to get stuff out the car and you put on the first pair of shoes you see
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I want a salad.
Sleep walking is really dangerous as fuck..
Like ever, maybe like once every 5 months a real good movie real come on

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