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Brenda Ortiz
Y'know what I'm gonna be for Halloween? Yours. 😼
Ladies: Look to be respected and loved. That attention you crave will come and go.
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But @lil_borto will always be my fav tbh.
Like be straight up about sht... Don't play fuckin mind games like a 13yr old what the fuuuuuck?!
If you're not feeling me like I'm feeling you, then let me know asap so I can fall back bc I'm always left looking stupid & I hate that.
I love you to death, but seriously... You are the bane of my existence
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If my daughter is in 6th grade wearing crop tops and high waisted shorts I'm slapping her straight in to justice. Pick out a sparkly shirt.
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Call your girlfriend "puta" it means beautiful in spanish.
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I could be bae.. Idk just a thought. 😌
let go of the people that are bad for you.
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Honey, I'm home. ☺️
Fuuuuck this. I'm going back to GA. ✌️ VA.
It's so fucking cold!! 😭
Someone come hang out with me in Richmond. I swear I'm nice! 😪
Just tryna get to you..
I h8 the fact that I'm in VA & @gularte_16 isn't even here 😔
It's so cute hearing little kids laugh at silly jokes in kids movies. Their innocence is so adorable! 🙈
Kinda lost in Virginia...
You don't understand how I feel about you.
I hate running into people that I forget to text back lol
Let's make a sex tape for your ex. 😼
Good ole Cumming Georgia! Saw this on the back of some truck
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Eu brinco mesmo. Faço graça mesmo. Falo merda mesmo. Sou idiota mesmo. Adoro fazer as pessoas sorrirem, mesmo eu não estando bem.
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I got a new girl that I gotta thank God for.
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Find something that you're really interested in doing in your life. Pursue it, set goals & commit yourself to excellence.
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I wish I could make it easy to love me..
O meu coração não quer separação 🎶
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Police are searching for teens in Kennesaw who are making sock bombs filled with rocks and throwing them at cars.
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Yo no le hablo, ella no me habla. Viva el orgullo!!
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Woke up this morning, found a letter that she wrote She said she's tired that I'm always on the road
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Eu odeio me acostumar a falar com alguém todos os dias. Porque no dia em que não converso, sinto como se o dia estivesse incompleto.
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If someone means a lot to you, why wouldn't you make an effort to show them? I will never understand people.
You're gone & I gotta stay high all the time to keep you off my mind. 💭