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yoυng enтrepreneυr❤
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lets stick it out so we never regret it,I could forgive the past–but I never forget it.
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People will notice the change in your attitude towards them, but won't notice their behavior that made you change.
NOTHING surprises me anymore I done see and heard it all.
I hate trying to explain things to small minded, stubborn, dumb ass people!
I'm my worst enemy.🙉😈
I'm not desperate for no damn conversation, so I'm not replying to emojis. FYM
I wear my emotions on my sleeve.. Please act accordingly.
I really wanted to see the #AaliyahMovie but from the looks of these tweets I'll pass, I don't need another disappointment in my life.🙅
Let them miss you. Sometimes when you're always available, they take you for granted because they think you'll always stay.
"I'm smart, I'm loyal, I'm grateful. I appreciate that."
We getting paper nigga no loose leaf.👌💯
Someone snapchat me 👉 asyjatootrill
If you're broke you deserve someone just as broke as you, y'all need to struggle together. Dafuq💁
Everybody got them a trophy 🏆 I guess I missed the award show.😂💁
My mom told me my eyebrows were fleekish LOL.. I can't deal with life at this point 😩😂
I pray not wish because I have God NOT a genie.
Back in the days when I was young I'm not a kid anymore, but somedays I sit and wish I was a kid again.
If I tell you "imma call you back".. Just go to bed my nigga.😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tweet my feelings because it's hard for me to verbally express them.😔
Age does not define maturity!
You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.
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People are so temporary, no point in getting close to anyone.
Somedays I wish I never met you other days I'm glad I did..
Nobody wants to be loyal cause everyone thinks their getting played.
I don't act funny, I act accordingly.
I may not know what I want, but I know exactly what I DON'T want.
My actions been louder than my words.
Sometimes you just grow out of people..
Do me a favor and don't do me no favors.🙅
I'm coming for everything they said I couldn't have.
The more attention you give em, the more options they seek.
Stop competing, stop judging, stop comparing, stop blaming and better you, for you.
I swear I'm a walking movie, you ain't even got to cue me.☝️🎥
I'm on the roll like cottonelle I was made for all of this 💩
I'm talking bout pimping since been pimping since been pimping!
I ain't competing with these hoes it ain't know contest.🙅✌️
Baby tell me if I'm being realistic..
I don't have no type.. SIKE, Nah I do and you ain't it.🙊😂
I don't mess with little boys, real men are my preference.👌🙌
I'll give only but so many chances before I cut ✂️ you off, I'm getting way too old to be putting up with disloyal mfs.
How long does forever last?