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Its flat* darling :* RT @_Tatyanna_Ming: Belly fat belly mark up
#DontMakeSense You start telling me something & then say "nevermind"
#DontMakeSense Yuh look neat inna school uniform & nah've clothes fi touch road.
#DontMakeSense You expose a girl who trusted you with her dick sucking secret.
#Dontmakesense ya go seh someone is fake and ya the biggest hypocrite .
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#DontMakeSense You call her "bae" if she's doesn't come before anyone else.
Raga station lame tonite.
#DontMakeSense You act like your an all nigter when you suffer from pre-ejaculation.
#DontMakeSense Yuh treat me like mau 12. Me'll diss yuh bumbo.
#DontMakeSense Yuh Tell Lie Pon Pussy !!
Pree seh some ppl a fvckery
LOOOL @Ihtz_Shemaah: the girl seh ''u tell ppl ya coolie when u mada blacka dan spice pussy'' LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL
Collect my paycheck in the am.
Do you know what to do with that big fat butt ??
#DontMakeSense You judge the girls that got exposed. Allyou girls have made mistakes that could fuck up your life.
#DontMakeSense Yousay the words "I Love You" when that's not what you mean.
#DontMakeSense You criticise people because they have something you don't.
#DontMakeSense You Cry When He's Leaving If You Told Him To Go.
#DontMakeSense You start a relationship that won't last longer than a pack of spearmint.
#DontMakeSense yuh try pass maths if a Ms.hope teach yuh
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#DontMakeSense I fight for you when you wouldn't fight for me.