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11:11 Tomorrow to hurry up & be here.
@Carl_Jnrr Lol both, mostly sixth form still
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I want you to be happy. But I want to be the reason.
If you could witness any historical moment, which one would it be? — Bob Marley's final performance.
When will life start going the way I like ??
When will it be easy to just be in love?
I tweet less & dm more
If I was invisible for a day ...
"@Carl_Jnrr: <<<<< @_Rayydon: Madam qualo for cordinator<" sha send home di youth dem fi hair loool
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<<<<< @_Rayydon: Madam qualo for cordinator<
Spent the day with my Love Bug ☺😚👌💞💗💕💓💍💎💏💑
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am in an relashunship wit mai sweg
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Wearetoons || Drop that nae nae
Up up RT @Carl_Jnrr: Bobby Shmurda || Hot Nigga
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Bobby Shmurda || Hot Nigga
Lmao... Wow.. Ummm okii then"@Carl_Jnrr: @_Chevviibee Him live a full life ! Nuff politician never yet dagger gyal :v"
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Migos || China Town
K camp got yall thinkin yall can easily cut dat bitch off but in reality yall gone miss that bitch in a couple days!💕👫#RxchGvngvng
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Yes rasta..."@Carl_Jnrr: Roger Clarke dead foreal ??"
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Oh My :O RT @_Donzee: “@Carl_Jnrr: Roger Clarke dead foreal ??” Yes yes he is
@Carl_Jnrr: Roger Clarke dead foreal ??” Yes yes he is
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Roger Clarke dead foreal ??
Roger Clarke actually did a lot for Jamaica but all unu can remember him for is the daggering incident . U full a shit
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Lool fr "@Carl_Jnrr: No jamaican girl nah make yuh kiss them when dem vex !!"
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"@Carl_Jnrr: No jamaican girl nah make yuh kiss them when dem vex !!" Juss tha clown them.
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#TweetYourTurnOffs When she denies my compliments.
No jamaican girl nah make yuh kiss them when dem vex !!
#TweetYourTurnOffs When we argue for no real reason.
#TweetYourTurnOn When she hugs me from behind.
Just before I drown she saves me.
Just once in a while. @AwkwardEP: But for real though 😒�
#TweetYourTurnOn When she opens up to me.
#TweetYourTurnOffs When she calls me "bruh"
#TweetYourTurnOn When you show your love, not just say it.
i dont understand how girls attracted to veins 😪
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#TweetYourTurnOn When she makes the first move.
Girls need to understand that fifa is just fifa
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