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! “@thecityofjules: Domestic violence is about control. It's not about defending yourself. Please.”
In mentions so hard but can't say it to the persons face?
Peoples "cyber/social media self" tend to be rude, and vicious. You wouldn't say half the things you say in real life
! “@squaredkay: Georgy Porgy puddin' pie Kissed the girls and made them cry”
! “@Luda01: When will this 20 facts thing stop doe😢 nobody cares 😭”
! “@zulunextdoor: “@fujo_shakur: Be committed to enhancing your OWN life.””
Don't stoop down to pick up dirt from the floor in-order to have something to through at someone
! “@Stax_xx: Thank you to everyone thats genuinely happy for us”
I ♡ this album! RT"@Its_MooieS: Ghost Stories! - Coldplay"
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Ghost Stories! - Coldplay
I AM SO SOO SORRY! I didn't recognize you “@Bereng32: also @Its_MooieS made me feel like those ratch gents "DN"T TOUCH ME!" #late
My Spring Sunnies! #TheBronzeSalad #Sping #Nae-Nae --> 🙋🙋🙋👯💆💇💁🙋🙋🙋
Biggest fear “@flexxini_B: Cellulite <”
there's nothing worse than bad timing.. - right guy x wrong time.
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This is the sad part. RT @Its_MooieS: It's very likely that the people who made this picture collage are the people she came with. 😞
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At least the theft this round was not as bad as the last time #HCP
It's very likely that the people who made this picture collage are the people she came with. 😞
didnt see you “@KingG1g: #HCP might take me a solid week to get my shit together again. #recovery
Hearing the heavyset marriage proposals while having my breakfast... Between two beautiful ladies
! “@OnlyKenneth: "Nothing Even Matters" by Laurynn Hill and D'Angelo 🙌”
Tampered souls also need love...
! “@GigglingMeekie: why is Love constantly being put into a box?”
! “@GigglingMeekie: constantly limiting love.”
Thank you for loving my creepy self 💛 || @scruffy_lee @leboux @piercingpulse || #TheBronzeSaladHitsHCP
Almost light skinned niggah pose! Pre #hcp #selfie waiting for my mates
Architecture was so rough this week, but we love what we do 💛🙅... 📷🔫 @tsepompeta
#TheBronzeSaladLOVESSpring 🌻🍃
Love in my language by @alex_elle -The Love Of Self #TheBronzeSaladReads
The past few days have been difficult for me and my family, but il forever stay counting my blessings ... | 📷🔫🙅 @everydaypeoplestories ~~> Everydaypeoplestories ||
"If we hope to make a positive change in our lives we have to know what it is that need changing, and we can't know that until we know ourselves..." - a hard hitting, brutally honest and often witty dissection of the modern working woman's dilemma.
My Cape! Superhuman! #WCW
Thank you to everyone who attended our @Amerikana new stock party last night. We are planing many more great things ... #AmerikanaLife | @legacey22 @tsepompeta @barrettstevie
" @neemanouse " : This quotation explains emotions that your heart usually refuses to formulate into words. Speaks about the joy of finding love, and the pain of having to let it go. The decision of letting go. The little hurts. The decision you can only make alone. #IDontKnowYouLady #ButYouSpokeTo
Thank you @lessie_s & @the_leesh & Su for the lovely Breakfast date earlier on ✊🍳🍞☕️
Goodmorning August! 🌻
Went to UJ to watch "Iam an emotional creature" a reminder of the power we have as woman and the pride we should carry. & that the word VERGINA! Is nothing to be embarrassed of .... Viva Women! Viva!
This girls @scruffy_lee gives me heartburn and chest pains! But I still love her ❤️
Boredom. Waiting. Gautrain.
@bonolo_ll BIRTHDAY LUNCH! 💛 BLAST!!!
Winter Leather 💛
My Favorite hide away spot in my backyard --- a lot of tea has been had there! A lot of book have been read there! --- 🌿
"Here". @madlomo2 thank you for doing the critical mass with me on Friday, wouldn't have asked for a better partner in crime. That 33km was a good start 94.7 & Freedom ride here we come 💛🚲
Thank you Ladies, had a lovely day 💛 @dineoschumacher & @age_galaletsang
"When the sun comes out, we reach for our skirts and embrace it " - a warm sunny day at arts on main 🔥