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Your intentions mean nothing if they go against your actions
Time is the most valuable commodity we have
Migos drop a new mixtape at 12am!
Can't wait to get away from Hampton
ODU this weekend to fuck with the homie @Mikey_RoX_Nikes . Should be a movie 🎥.
If I could start my college career over again I would've made so many different choices.
All i have to do is chill with you once. If we don't vibe that first time their wont be a second.
What time does Shimmy Like A Nupe start?
Whole time I'm chillin at 20 unread texts #lightskinproblems
I HATE texting but females love that shit 😡
This is the time when you find out who secretly wanted to fuck with you all semester.
Summer weather one day, Winter weather the next. Where are you Spring?
People spend too much time living in the future that they forget to enjoy right now
The best investment is yourself
Relationships are like parking meters. Once you stop inserting coins (putting in effort) time is going to run out.
On rainy days the only thing on my schedule is Netflix
I'm going to regret not talking to so many of these Hampton girls while I was here.
I hate hearing about girls who want to talk to me. We're not 12 idc unless they tell me.
An intellectual girl is so sexy
Sometimes you just need one person to agree with you to convince yourself your not crazy.
2 more weeks till the end of my last semester at Hampton ✌
Today is perfect beach weather
Romeo and Juliet is sold out and this shit like 20% of my grade ...
14 days till I delete this twitter
I need to get me some trippy nigga shades