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you fell off like asap rocky
I like you when your naked
I cant fuck with you anymore
Cristian almost crushed my hand with the ping pong table
Makes me so mad too
Dog Pound is one gnarly movie
@oliviabustos_ take some nyquil 😴😴
Murrieta is dead
My wifi has been so shitty lately..
@oliviabustos_ can't hang or what 😏
fuck you pay me
These relationship goal tweets is whats killing twitter
@breannekiele haha you and kris have been together for so long now so its like whats up?? haha
thank God I'm not friends with Nicca anymore.
@breannekiele sarcasm is not allowed !
She just wants to fuck everybody
Lil Wayne is on every remix i swear
Body to body girl you so naughty
In n out always takes forever
I didnt know i had to text people everyday
I wish i could win like 100k at the casino😰😥😢
I suck at never taking pictures
girls get a new man every 3 months and post pics talking about how in love they are every time without fail
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I don't like you :)
Watch what you say on Twitter
I need to return to the Instagram game again
I envy people who are smart with their money. I need to take notes.
@nimcarr haha let me get right on that 👋
You aren't shit
Battling between decisions that could impact my future. Im at war.
@Mishii_bby @ChristiAlmoney ive been fading at jakes all day but were not loke drinking drinking yet
Ciroc and tequila
I need to be drunk
Got my flag bandanna aww shitt
Its 2094 somewhere!
Where do they sell bandanas
Full time Gambler