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@bakedalaska Bruh I'm moving to LA got an extra versace room available?!
How come some of you always have the newest Jordans but been wearing the same shirt for years.
Chief Keef actually went in with Valley @youngchopbeatz
oh shit it has been a year
she let me grand slam outside the Dennys
I don't wanna buy no mo your shit ain't getting me high no more
Vault 101 lookin ass
Bruh the only video games I fuck with are the Fallout ones.
i sometimes creep on my followers profiles to see if they have their tumblr links so i can follow.
Need Metro Boomin productions
It's our dirty little secret
Loan me a budget of 50k I'll make a lavishing album and market that shit like crazy
Man I wish smoking wasn't bad for you.
The sky keep on fallin
Scott la flame no Rick the ruler
The history of hip hop to today should be taught in schools.
@musbkenna so happy that I blessed you with lil b
Waste of time for a piece of paper.
Thank God this is my last semester. I hate college.
Flesh for fantasy
Major labels may sign you but that doesn't mean your gonna become an icon. It's all business.
Man I'm losing hope when 9/10 rappers in the game are frauds these days.
Unfollowed a ghost
Zombie movies are life
Meditating before sleep is so lavishing
Living in a alternate life
I misplaced it
Where's the reset button on life
It's 2014 but I feel like it's 1980
I have noticed it is now the thing to avoid feelings or relationships because it's trendy. Fuck that. Go love your lover.
My mind can handle it, can yours?
Yet we all go to our corners of the ring and wanna fight
We should all be on the same side we all got the same thoughts running through our heads and the same problems.
what's even real
even if you tweet it, is it really true
“@Fact: Almost 70,000 thoughts hit the mind of an average human everyday.” Now imagine being able to organize them all in lil folders.
The end is near, grab your raincoat, it's gonna be wet.
Sometimes u have to keep on going is not the end of ur life
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