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Real niggas don't talk about or brag about what they got/do especially on social medias... Real recognizes real.
I could wear sweatpants everyday
Blessed πŸ™ goodnight ✊
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Twitter game A1.. Only following 300 and followed by over 2k πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Great dayβ€πŸ”β€
If we're together your "Sorry I'm taken" game better be strong.
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β€œ@iamK_Montana: Life is good! #amen”
Hopsin quitting rap and Bobby Shmurda getting locked up, what a way to end 2014
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I miss you, and it's killing me. 😩
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I just don't get people sometimes smh
As a boyfriend you're obligated to make things right at the end of the night with your girl whether you're right or wrong πŸ™ŒπŸ‘«πŸ‘
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A freaky πŸ‘…, goofy πŸ˜‚, loyal πŸ” relationship πŸ‘« >>>
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Playful relationships are everything😍😍
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"@HornyFacts: If I lived with bae i would never use my phone"
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I never made it out, I'm numb to the struggle
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We could spend the whole day together, and I'll still miss you the moment you leave.
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Leg pain ain't no hoe πŸ˜©πŸ‘Š
Lmfaooo "When you finally see the nigga that's been leaving heart eyes under all of your girls pics "
#NellyVille is my show now πŸ’―
β€œ@CraziestSex: Who's the sexiest bitch u know ?” @katiee_dubay 😏
β€œ@CraziestSex: Every king needs a queen ❀️”
She's all mine πŸ’™
Just unfollowed so many mf's lol
Crazy that you gotta wait till its dark to see who's really with you
Bae asf πŸ”₯😍
If you touch a hair on my chinny chin it don't make no sense how my niggas comin..βœŠπŸ’―
My girlfriend is beautiful 😍❀
Ayeeeeee meek free
Miss my girl
This lean is hitting the spot tho