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They don't know you like I do ❤️
I swear it smell like 45 year old dead fish on this bus 😩
Where the hell does the time go
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Lil Durk- Gas & Mud (Official Video) Shot By @AZaeProduction:
Who ever thought lildurk from dat block a be the face of Chicago #REMEMBERMYNAME
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I need to get me one of those long 18 year iPhone cables
This week on twitter: 191 new followers, 244 new unfollowers and followed 219 people via
Did a lot of shit just to live this here lifestyle.
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All black or all white superstars any size £50
My girl decided to spud the bus with her head
My man decided to floor down his -710 moisture level toes on the seats excuse me
Boss man decided to put Tesco Rolex on Instagram flex flex flex
My girl decided to walk main road in bra and pyjama pants and slippers and it's cold af
My man was looking for breakfast in the bin found a full English rah
Boss man decided to crash the bus so now I gotta walk to india 😒
My girl decided to unleash her nose chlamydia all over the bus bare sneezin
My man was so into following this squirrel he ran into the tree
Goofy ass bitch stop hacking my page my bad nikki
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I just feel like what's the point. If I'll never be happy like that again? Shit ain't right.
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Maths is on next levels
What yo do to me!!!!!! Video a be like gold
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Good things happen to good people.
Gas and mud on @WORIDSTARHlPHOP go watch it and turn up 🇺🇸💯
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Smokin blunts while loadin choppers 😤🔫
It is hot outside, it is even hotter on a bus full of people, AND the heating is on. I hate some humans 😤
What would you do if you walk in your room and see 100 bricks? 💰🚶
Stress Relievers ∙Chocolate milk ∙Music ∙Sleep ∙Video Games ∙Sex ∙Sarcasm ∙Hugging ∙Cuddling ∙Kissing ∙Reading ∙Exercise ∙Laughing.
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If a friend is too proud to apologize for doing you wrong, that person is not your friend.
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Overthinking is the biggest bitch
Need to sleep before I end up catching a case before school time 😤
Bruh I hate thinking at night make me wanna cut up a couple mfs 😤
Never try too put me in the same category as yo last nigga 💯
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@KingRamsey717: 😂😩😩😂😂 I'm Loggin Off Now@FuckDaeckDae: So this was”” Its bedtime
Bruhhhh I always hear MFs Talkin bout who fake and that in my face yknow then they on them sly ones there doing moves behind my back 😩😄🔫😁🚶
@_ItsImran_ @Ramzstar Bruh you don't need any memory Cuh jts on the PC lol, and everhtbing js backed up calm
@Queststarr2014 true that might have to go on a pic cleaning spree cuh that 11GB ain't healthy
@Ramzstar @_ItsImran_ Na it's so calm just update it on a PC not on the phone
@Queststarr2014 I just got a bunch a shit it ain't even pics like that just random shit that I need to delete