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sodmg ymcmb london 65,041 followers
I'm just not good enough 😔😞
I can't believe I let it get this far 😔
Sometimes I wish I could sleep you kno 😔😩😒
If one person gives you all their attention, don't seek it from everyone else.
Ever seem one of your homies turn into a snake 🐍👀 Just for the love of the money❤️💰 I could tell you about that 😩💯
Put my life on the line for em 🔫 Shit I prolly woulda 💯
I care too much, that's how I get hurt.
Only the family 💍👪👊👥 In my eyes 👀 You can't divide us 🚫👿🙅💯
Young 🙍🔞 Flashy 💸😁 & Cocky 😝💯
I spot a fuck ass lame 🚶👈👀 Quicker than anything 👿🔫💯
If you ain't coming in my life to stay 👊💍👥 Then close that door 🚪🚫👿
Is it my looks 👸🙎 Or is it my wealth 💰💸 Or is it the way I carry myself 😈💯
Proud of this nigga @iTalentzxSODMG he knows what's going on 👆
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Why waste time on someone⌚️👸 Who don't give a fuck bout you 😩💯
Imma only look out for those who look out for me 👋
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If you hiding shit from me 👀🚫 Then why we even talkin 👿💯
I love it when I know the truth 👀💯 & people lie to my face 👿😭
Lie to me 😁💬 & I'll never trust you again 😤🚫 Fuck that 👿💯
If I got your permission girl I gotta tell the truth 🙈💬💯 All these different women only one I see is you ❤️👀💏
I never expect anything 🚫👀 So I'm never disappointed😈💯
If i died I bet you'll all be happy.
If I choose you 👸💏 Over sleep 🔝😇 You are very special ❤️💯
People only get jealous because they care.
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sometimes, it's just necessary to hide what I feel.
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