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Ismail Kidd
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Crimsonland Launching August 19th on PS Vita
Diablo III on PS4: Sharing Your Adventure
Behind the Scenes of The Last Tinker: City of Colors
Dreamfall Chapters Coming Soon to PS4
The Last of Us Remastered Photo Contest Starts Today
99 Bricks Wizard Academy Coming Soon to PS Vita
So is anyone @IGN even giving 2 fux that their #GamesCom Streams on both Twitch & are dead?
WTF That came outta left field 😂 RT@IGNN: The Walking Dead creator says Daryl could be ||
Take-Two says, "How can you buy a next-gen console and not want to play GTA on it?".
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@reneeyoungwwe Damn!!! 😳😳😳 WOW!!! 😳😳 them FEET DIRTY AF .. 😂😂 #wwe #summerslam
Name me all Xbox First party Exclusives,
😑#FACEPALMM RT@aopm088:@Ismailkiddd@XboxP33 MS allow them to own sunset over drive another possible time exclusive
@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN nah I just had coincidental diarrhoea last night.
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Good morning Germany. Today is my final day at #gamescom14 - doors open at 10a and I have much more to see before I go.
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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back #Minimates Set 1 hits comic shops this week! @ThatKevinSmith
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@Ismailkidd @XboxP3 or paying to make a new title they dont own the rights so it ends up at playstation. Letting bungie go big mistake
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@Ismailkidd @Sony well ms and sony are both time exclusive crazy
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@Ismailkidd @Sony and watchdogs and extra hour of gameplay I mean thats worth than time exclusive
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@Ismailkidd thats a statement I completely agree @XboxP3 xbox needs to spend more money on creating new ip vs time exclusives.
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@Ismailkidd I know you and I am not attacking you per say. You have to admit anything ms does gets scrutinized sony exclusive no one cries
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