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Were BACK! 12/8/13
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#14daysoforas #titantogepis @rxlic @sxblexe @kirsten.the.togepi
FOLLOW @insidiousposts if you like scary stuff! Comment when done! 😋
UFT (not the ones in the party) they're all shiny pokemon put offers below (I'm looking for a shiny 6iv drifblim, snorunt , or chimecho) #shinypokemon #uft #pokemon #anime #pkmn #3ds #shinyfortrade #shinyforshiny #shiny4shiny #pokemontrade
Sorry for my lack of posts I'll be making more textposts and some drawings for now. #pikachu #pokemon #textpost . . 🌀Tag 3 people!🌀
Textpost time! Lol give credit if you use it. #souleater #textpost #tumblr #anime
I had no hw due tomorrow so I started one of the requests and I think it came out good, minus the coloring. 😋 Anyways @blue_.bloods here is your drawing! Sorry about the lighting lol it makes it look worse than it already is xD ! . It's Signless from Homestuck if you don't know who it is! 😄♋️ . #
Yeah just doing some Caramel Frap reps don't mind me. 😂 #mcdonalds
Pssh, sleepovers are for the weak. 😂 I'm gonna go somewhere so I won't be on for maybe an hour or so ^~^
Drop some rhymes mr. Carrot ~ i might post more drawings tomorrow.
Last selfie for a long time lol Happy Halloween guys! 🎃👻🎃 #halloween #anime #blood #homestuck #Pokemon
My Halloween "costume" xD The vampire teeth were uncomfortable the only reason I wore them was cause they glow in the dark! Oh and to all those who DM me I wasn't on all day sorry! #halloween #costume #blue #hair #anime #homestuck #vampire
So I just decided to make a last minute costume for Halloween, I am gonna go to school as an all blue hipster (creative right), and for trick or treating I'm gonna be a bloody blue vampire hipster cause why not. I like how the blood looks. 😂 Question~~~~ What are you guys gonna be? ☺️ #halloween #b
Comment if you have any please #Pokemon #trade #shinypokemonfortrade #shinypokemon #3ds
Not done but almost idk what to do with it anymore lol. #drawing #anime #pokemon #pop
The next 3 posts will (hopefully) be drawings for people. I've finally gotten free time and decided to finish the drawings. Here is Cyndaquil requested by the awesome @hrdugre22 I hope you like it and sorry for the major lag on it! 😬😊 #pokemon #drawing #anime #aot #cyndaquil #starter #fire #3ds #
Did this picture already but different text. #pokemon #tumblr #jessie #textpost #helixfossil
Morning :3 I'm gonna be gone for most of the day so if I don't reply to anyone that's why. ((TAG PEOPLE)) #spongebob #tumblr #textpost
I'm usually the one forgetting to invite people lol! #textpost #avatar Tag people! :3
Not mine, got it from LOLPics again, but I found it funny haha. #textpost #tumblr
Got this post from lol pics lol. Hi guys :3
I love it when it's foggy out. It gets me so happy! ✨QOTD: what's your typical favorite morning like? ✨ #homestuck #terezi #anime #pokemon #naruto #strider
Lol this happens so much when I choose to be quiet. 😂 🌎Tag 3 people! 🌍
Another textpost :3 Tag some people! 😄. #tumblr #texpost #squad
Last text post for today lol 😎 ✨Tag 3 people ✨
Fo serious, they should know by now not to open the dang door and just book it back home as fast as they can but noooo. #tumblr #anime #textpost #naruto
Give credit if you use this I made the edit. Credit to the dude who made the picture :3 Tag 3 people! #tumblr #textpost
it all makes sense! #pokemon #anime #textposts Goodmorning yo :3
Guys follow this page they're giving away the code for the demo @iphonesmashgiveaway @iphonesmashgiveaway @iphonesmashgiveaway
50 YEARS LATER.... #amine #pokemon
QOTD: Should I keep posting drawings? 😮 #attackontitan #funny #levi #anime
Goodnight ^~^ #homestuck #anime #tavros #textposts
Been singing that verse all while doing hw and I accidentally wrote it down 😋😂 Goodnight guys! 😊💤 #anaconda
Yep, I have recently grown a soft spot for dogs lol. 😋QOTD: I'm gonna start doing these types of posts , what do you guys think? 😋
Guys go and follow @pokejapan this account is actually REALLY nice and shows stuff that's japan native and such. It has posts that I'm sure most haven't seen on other Pokemon accounts follow! 😄 @pokejapan
Age: 16 Favorite Color: Burgundy Favorite Anime Character: Itachi from Naruto Favorite food: Sandwhcihes lol Height: 5'5 eye color: brown
Got a puppy yesterday she already likes to sleep with me so cuttehensuhdjsjsj <3 #puppy #cute
I need more Tavros in my account I mean this is TRAINERTAVROS lol.
DRAWING ITACHI UCHIHA NEXT. Best anime character ever besides L. #naruto #deathnote #drawing #anime
I'm supposed to be doing hw but I want to finish this for a special someone , hope she likes it lol. Anyways, it's not done yet I'm gonna try to shade add depth AND color so just in case I mess up I thought if take a pic lol. So here you go, Vriska Serket from Homestuck. #homestuck #vriska #serket
Requested by @the_official_jakob Story of my first: Day at School Oh that was a fun one. Not lol. 😂 I don't remember my first first day, but I'll go with when I moved back to califronia and started 2nd grade cause half of first I did in Mexico. Well anyways, I went to school like 2 weeks after sc
Requested by @_vriska_8 Story of my first: Role Play Oh that was last year in around October ish, and it was with my best friend, I was role playing as Tavros obviously lol, and he was Gamzee, If I can recall correctly it was because we were excited that our friend was bringing us Faygo lol. So na
The topic chosen by @_vriska_8 Okay Story of First Crush: It was around 3rd grade and it was on one of my best friends and her name was Kaitlyn lol. We would do everything together with our other best friend Nataly and people always said we made a good couple and stuff and I remember we even had l