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I Am Shan
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Watching 13 Ghosts..
Kids: Dad we want McDonalds Dad: Spell McDonalds & I'll Buy It Kids: Fuck It Lets Go To KFC
@GenXConfessions @AwkwardComedy Yeah once i tried to re-enact a scene from superman....i totally died that day...X_x!!...lololol...:P
Sometimes I re-enact scenes from movies just to see how stupid they would look in real life.
Truth: Twitter need a "Why you lying " button...\~_~/
Being normal is boring...:/
If this bug landed on me , my soul would leave my body...x_x
@PMOIndia Japan is excited to welcome PM Modi of #India. Here’s to a long-lasting friendship b/w our two countries.
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I don't trust anyone who smiles on a Monday..:-|
i literally can not remember the last time i went to bed when the clock actually said “pm” on it :/
@Jessewelle This is how jesse "LOVE" jeana..hehehe..:p
@narendramodi Shree Narendra modi Ji Prime are AWESOME..:D
Watching pokemon..just like old the way im just19 lol
Its 15th August..A date when we became an Independent nation...and i just wanted to say HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY INDIA.
@robinwilliams R.I.P Sir Robin Williams..:-(
Oh no..oh no Sir Robin williams is dead..oh no..:-(
Watching Thor The dark world 10th
Know Why People attracts towards You?
What Profession suits you by Birth?
I can see exactly 6 years into the future, I've got 2020 vision! *_*
If I’m driving you crazy just remember to put on your seat belt!...:)
Tip: Bro, a quiet woman is not always angry or pissed. She is probably deciding which selfie to upload. So just relax!
Not being able to sleep at night is a real eye opener!....O_O....:-\
Fingers are weird. Like our arms just split into other smaller arms!..O_o!
People who bite ice cream with their front teeth are on a whole different level! \-_-/
The best way to ensure it will rain is to forget your umbrella. Because, clouds are assholes!
She: Go to hell. Me: I go on vacations there!
@VrroooN Yeah...hahahaha..:D
Around Parents: Normal Mode, on. Around friends: Silly Mode, on. Around Babies: Barney Mode, on. Around Crush: "Retard Mode", on....:-/
*sees a complicated math problem on a chalkboard* *looks around* *picks up chalk* *draws a cat*
@FreakyAbandoned @ComedyTextings Dude...whoever you are...I'm going to adopt you...and i'm going to abandon you in silent hill...
@OMGtrolls Ahh... I miss those days!!...:)
@AwkwardComedy Said by Mr Forever alone..
I posted a new photo to Facebook
@PhillyChic5 Awesome...Wait what...hahahahahehehehe...:D
@LiaMarieJohnson But where's the selfie...we need selfie ..we need selfie ..we need selfie....:)
@ijustine Lol..Well that's a pretty good joke...hahahaha...:)
Married at first sight. -Just Indian thingy
I want the job where you push scared skydivers out of planes....huhuhahaha...:P