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AM Ismail
قد قالت كلمتها - أبو راتب ( فرقة الهدى الدولية ): via @YouTube
Why would you humiliate your manager at home and add more unwarranted pressure?? Those united fans who arranged...
Joanne Milne: Woman hears for first time after her new cochlear implants switched on at the...
عـذرا رسـول الله أن قـصــرت فى وصـف فـإن جـمالـكـم لن يوصف جـاءت قــديــمـا ذرة مـن نـوركــم قـد جـمـل الـرحـمـن...
Kroos would allow united to cruise the league
RT @Dylan__Dylan I don't why people are shedding tears for Ariel Sharon.What about Sabra and Shatila? massacres which he was responsible for
What these great people have to say about Palestine. #freepalestine #??????
﴾ لاَ إِكْرَاهَ فِى الدِّينِ ﴿ (There is no compulsion in religion) Remember that :)
@AsemMI loved it sub7an ALLAH qada wa qadar ,maktoub naseeb ,,,bel7alal ,,culture should never mix with sunnah ,btw i hav same curtains ;p
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Huda and Arafat: Arabian Romeo and Juliet
Haven't lost 3 in a row since 2001 and even then it was after we'd won the league. Horrific sorry #moyes #MUFC
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اللهم صَلِّ وسلم على الحبيب الهادي محمد وعلى آله و صحبه وسلم. O Allah send your salutations and blessings on the beloved Muhammad ﷺ
#benefitsstreet media to make unemployed all look like lazy scroungers and thats not the case goverment media lets look at rich tax dodgers
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#MUFC need at least 2 players in Jan preferably midfielders to secure top 4 .. what is Moyes thinking the squad is okay?!
BRITISH ARAB IS FINALLY BORN Please watch, RT and sub to him :)…
Absolute joke - Exiting the FA cup in the 3rd round. A trophyless season for #MUFC
youbihar 10 strange behaviours you might encounter on an airplane
If David Moyes doesn't sign anyone in January, United can say goodbye to Champions League football. #MUFC
A Brain Is Dead, a Heart Beats On, via @nytimes A tragic story about a brain dead girl. She is sadly dead.
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According to a test I just did; I'm 40% Northern making me from Stratford upon-Avon. Very close actually.
A beautiful #Syria|n girl selling gum in Jordan because the 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide can't feed her.
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Even #Muslims need to learn #Islam. [20:114] "My Lord! Increase me in knowledge."
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Lewandowski to Bayern! That's how you do business. Moyes should take notes.
After reading this sentence you will realize that the the brain doesn’t recognize a second ‘the’. Now you read it to see if that's TRUE.
Manchester United manager David Moyes' failure to chase down Premier League's top four has seen the club's worth tumble by £220m in a month
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Five Doctors Without Borders workers abducted in Syria
#SherlockLives it's on British folk, It's on!!
Today we finally find out how Sherlock fakes his death.. it's been 2 years! #SherlockLives
#topdoc13 Surely Abbas Khan & the perished Syrian medics with him.Cant do more than give up your life pursuing all that medicine stands for!
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Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of having peanut butter stick to one’s plate.
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This is goodbye we won't meet again. I wish you all the best as always. With love, 2013.
إبتعدو عن اعرآض غيركم آحفظوآ ألسنتكم عن النآس ( من عـآب إبتلـى ) .. #?????
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I know it's wrong at every level.. but I find this very humorous.
اللهم لا سهل إلا ما جعلته سهلاً، وأنت تجعل الحزن إذا شئت سهلاً.. #???_????_???? #???_??????
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المظلوم من ينصره !! إنه الله جل في علاه !؟ فما أحقرك وأتفهك أيها الظالم عند عظمته وبطشه وأليم عقابه !؟.
166 martyrs in #Syria including 22 children, 10 women & 3 martyrs under torture. 92 martyrs in Aleppo | LCC #AssadCrimes #AleppoMassacre
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Michael Gove, the man who had to pay back £7,000 in expenses, says people who use foodbanks are “not best able to manage their finances”.
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What's stopping you? It's £6 for one blanket. Look at it as 6 £1. Nothing right? Donate Insha'Allah
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#Syria Alaa Yaseen 8yrs old. Detained by #Assad since 11/3/2013. v/@rifaietammas A&E Utah Christmas Xmas #Dubai
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Islam Ahmadiyyah : The hadiths that the Ahmadiyyah sect ignore ~ Sahih Al Bukhari الشواهد أفق 3292 العزو 3534
Islam ahmadiyyah .... The "Hazrat isa as is dead in india and mirza ghulam ahmed is mahdi" argument flawed
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