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Fvckin M A K E Love
I just wana be free I just wana be an intergalactic space hippie I jus wana dye my armpit hair green& freak people out when I wear tank tops
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I be feeling a track right, vibin😌, oo ooo I like this shit😏😎, then niggas be like "I'm the God" and I be like 😟😐, you you just lost me πŸ˜•
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It's called love, don't nobody sing about it no more.
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Yesterday 😏
Chilling a few days ago
If anyone is looking for a writer, music consultant, ideas ..HMU I ONLY CHARGE $15 a hour I got your next hit single !! #16dreams
Currently submitting #16dreams music to websites, blogs, etc .. If you have a site I can submit to hmu ASAP !!!
What does it take to win your love !?
Hooked on Alton Ellis's Music 😌
I don't know if your feeling me but I'm feeling you ..well I'm feeling what I see and the vibe I get from you but idkkkk if it's mutual 😢
Now pay very close attention to what I'm about to say !!! (Write)
Everyone calls me stacks ..
She replied because I wanna know your real name what did your mom name you he answered "my mom named me Rajah like the tiger on Aladdin" but
She asked him what his name was and he answered "Stacka Mill" she responded no what's your real name and asked her "why"
I hate when people pretend to Fvck with me when they know they really don't πŸ˜’
You don't love me ... That's cool !!
We live in a right now world as in what can you do for me right now
Some people have problems and some people create problems
Honestly I don't trust nobody anymore ..truthfully why would I
Sometimes I understand what people be saying
Some people only do things for you because they expect something in return
Maybe there is something special you wanna share with me in my DM
We all want a cute girl with a nice ass that can cook and make us feel good about who we are in life
I'm tryna sign to a major
My complexion doesn't make me like you niggas
Never mind what they talkin bout I blew a heart ring #420
Before I got cooked
I fell asleep and woke up horny AF
Keep searching for something extra
Your so beautiful but over critical of every move I make
No reaction dead silence she killing me without bullets no connection dead sighing she's killing me I'm dying
Don't end up being the second corps out here πŸ’€πŸ’€
And you wonder why I act the way I do just know that it's all cause of you
Cause nothin even matters no more
You can't sell something you don't own
When you first get on IG and somebody just posted a close ass selfie so you scroll quick you just dodged a groupie πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Peoples who twitter be poppin iG be dead AF and vise versa πŸ˜’
Not even a offer yet πŸ˜’
That moment when you realize ... whatever you just realized