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Stupid men just can't clean their own trace lol
Everything's fuckin clean finally
Gotta clean evvvvvvverrrrryyythinggggg tonight
Meditation mondaaaay 😊❤️
The thing abt Twitter is u can vent &tweet whatever the fuck & no1 on your shit tryna fit themselves in your tweets worried it's about them
If you're negative and just overall that type of person then you are no good vibe at all & I can't fuck with ya. Sorry 👽👽👽
Damn Twitter makes me vent about problems I never really make into big deals because I give no fuck & don't let that toxic affect my life
I'm the bigger person who handles things by absorbing who that immature person really is, learning frm my mistake &not fuckin w them again
People never realize how smart others are at picking up on things mentally and reading someone by vibe and all.
& now when I go bck home all I really need to do is c my fam & have fun w my 4 true bffs. No more havin to see ppl or do shit I don't wanna
living here is definitely what I expected plus some ☺️😉
Excited to put this calendar into workkkk :) #dedicated
Some girls/guys are goofy & will never go beyond where their mind could take em becos they're so stuck w the gossip in this fake society lol
Fuckin' late night shower got me feelin right....or maybe it was the joints I smoked.... Ima go w both lol
To whom much is given much is tested.
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An aerial view of a corn maze commemorating the 150 year anniversary of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"
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"that's what happens when u give someone a peak, they think they know it all cel" -pharaorite @PharaohRiiite86
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u ever wish certain ppl could go away, forever.
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Feel like a fuckin' insomniac tonight..well this morning since it's already 6 am.. 😕
That's it... I'm falling in love with myself.
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Haven't been on in a minute!!!!!
Still trips me out that my pops gone, I still feel his presence as If he is still here looking after me..
Listen to Captain Phantom // Permatrip by Ghost Regime #np on #SoundCloud…
Bout to be a good ass night
Know what I'm holdin is golden. Hurt everybody
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They be PLAYIN the lamest music at work from like 2009 lol.
At work and I notice @LongLiveCarl followed me 😳☺️☺️ ..ok I need my lunch break now my life is complete hahaha

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