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isaiah‮renrut ‭
funniest thing about my latest video is that i didnt even go to homecoming this year sooo
The Reason Why I Wanna White Girl is trending rite now but if you look at the vine you will cry
MY NEW VIDEO teaches you important life lessons. 😅😅😅 - How To Make A Girl Go To Homecoming With…5XG
RT my next tweet or tweet a link to my latest video for a follow/retweet.
NEW VIDEO UPLOADING :D IM SO EXCITED! I hope you guys like it :D
Anyone know good background music for videos without the annoying ukuleles?
Shower by Becky G is fueling me rite now and I have no shame
eveyone is beautiful on the outside you just need to buy photoshop and not SuperSwaggyInstaFilters the App 2.0
i dont understand why people do things they dont want to do like if it doesnt make you happy do something else
So, I guess this means you're single now... #WhatNotToSayAtAFuneral
just bruised my face with my laptop cause i moved fast so i wouldnt drop my phone but my phone still dropped on my face and bruised it again
@IsaiahJTurner I’m pretty sure that this tweet is the best tweet I’ve ever had the immense pleasure in reading
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decided im no longer going to look at my twitter feed and instead just refresh on @nulljosh's favorites to see tweets filtered to good ones
bruh i should make up a challenge where i go 48 hours saying/typing nothing except bruh
@IsaiahJTurner *favorites own tweet* *likes own post* *follows himself* *pats own back*
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Being sung too on FaceTime 😊😂
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facetime calls late at night never end well for me
Just got a tutorial on how to pour milk 😂
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when people say "wanna make cookies" im like.... this is 2014... open a box of cookie crisp
.@kierstenkrw Ebola's like everything I dreamed! Ppl don't annoyingly touch me anymo! Ebola is the best and last thing to happen to my life.
forgot to pass sammie's chain email along to 15 of my friends back in 6th grade #AndNowIHaveEbola
got my ukulele - time to learn how to play it…
#MyLoveLifeIn3Words has been trending for like 3 days now...
the cheerleaders at my school are surprisingly good
anyone know if the new ipad air bends?
What do you think people use more often, Facebook Pokes or MySpace?
#MyLoveLifeIn3Words is trending as an undercover marketing tactic, rearrange the letters and Half Life 3 confirmed.
i should probably filter some of the things i tweet
what do you call a person who hates people who rape? a rapist? does that mean im a rapist?
editing a promo video had me like "yo i need another smiley girl eating some meat"…
yeah so @Rabrizek basically only ever texts me to say "like my insta pics" these are real friends
My PSAT score is gonna be greater that 23 but less that 23.5 #PsatProbs #truth #istolethistweetbutidontcare
ewwww noooo youtube has surveys now??? why would they ruin a VIDEO platform with surveys?! At least video ads are /sometimes/ interesting.
are the AirPort Time Capsules worth the price?
@NickPomes: What are you excited to see at tomorrow's Apple event?” something i can afford.
pretty sure most my school just went as sluttier versions of themselves for character day but i forgot it was spirit week entirely so 😂