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Isaiah Turner
Excited to announce I've joined @branchmetrics as a Brand Ambassador! You'll be seeing lots more tweets as I visit events!! πŸ’₯πŸ˜ƒπŸ’ƒβœˆοΈ
#HackDC! I mean yes, the turnout probably could have been a little better.
"apple music is better than spotify" -no one ever
Taking part 1 of 4 of the GED test today 😁 high school dropout no more
I liked a @YouTube video from @IsaiahJTurner What's In My Hand Challenge w/ Jimmy G, Just Sharon, &
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I don't have Nick SOMEONE TELL ME #WhatDidZoeySay
I liked a @YouTube video from @IsaiahJTurner What's In My Hand Challenge w/ Jimmy G, Just Sharon, &
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Tear and Restore Card! (MAGIC IS REALLY HARD TO DO IN SIX SECONDS) #peopleareamazing #loop
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NEW VIDEO! Guess the body part challenge with @MrJimmyGtv Share this video if you enjoyed!
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When you and bae are both sick with the same thing. This is totally just a coincidence....
.@tdflowers my first illegal drug purchase has me feeling like quite the rebel
WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE 18 TO BUY COUGH MEDICINE I broke a law that makes zero sense whatsoever and this is my confession that America is dumb
I just bought illegal drugs
Only real apple kids will remember
I liked a @YouTube video from @IsaiahJTurner Sneaking Into The Playlist Live DC VIP Youtuber Party
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How to scare your parents 101 Text them "what's my blood type?" and don't respond when they ask why. 😝
I'm on @RickyPDillon's Instagram. Mom, I made it.
You know you look fly af when people at H&M ask "do you work here?"
Someone come see Ed Sheeran with me in DC
Best part about not being in school? Nobody sasses you with "I DONT KNOW CAN YOU" when u ask if you can go to the bathroom JUST LET ME PEE
stock photography: the only time sleeping with an alarm clock in your hand in an insanely bright room is realistic
tbh I watch this video everyday because this was such a great weekend…
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and people wonder why i find it so difficult to explain what i do all day
Can never go wrong with a sushi date 🍣
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how to eat croutons 101: 1. fork some salad 2. fork a crouton *crouton breaks in half and crumbles off fork* 3. give up and eat a twinkie
twitter be like: "Is it okay if a guy gets the rose gold iPhone 6s?" asking for a friend
i guess apple finally figured out how to keep a live stream up for the entire event ??
I look like a manager in that suit jacket πŸ˜… I LOOK LIKE IM…E
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SURPRISE! New video "#FriendshipSeries //Bean Boozled Challenge" Ft. Special guests!… Make sure to give it πŸ‘ & share!
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Sneaking Into The Playlist Live DC VIP Youtuber Party!!… RT!!
Really happy with how this video turned out. 5 MINUTES 😬
New video at 3PM EST today AND another new video is scheduled for 3PM EST next Tuesday so SUBSCRIBE! Isaiah is back on the youtubes πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŠπŸ’ƒπŸ’
Not gonna lie, I do a pretty good American accent #humblebrag
Playlist Live parties never disappoint 😏
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Who needs Playlist Live when there's a super hype book festival going on right next door amirite

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