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Subscribe to @IsaiahJTurner on YouTube he has pretty cool videos.
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OMG SOMEONE JUST WAS ON ISAIAH AND THEY SKIPPED ME W T F Just because I look like a pedophile is not an excuse.
I didn’t realize how much of a personality @IsaiahJTurner has
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Doing omegle of the next hour!!
Go to and set "Isaiah" as your interest.
My @YouNow broadcast, more entertaining than a Kanye West tirade…
The reaction of the frame in my last tweet is quite accurate to how I feel about this error.
Ughhh... Final Cut keeps crashing with this error :(((((((
see that white cable... yeah, that's the home of my fabulous month long battery. now I can snapchat 100x as long!!!
anyone know how to make a really fresh/happy/amazing youtube banner? i keep trying and it aint working.
@NickPomes: When you click iTunes Festival on, this comes up" haha apple fail
I just realize I passed 4k tweets and forgot to do a shoutout :( sowwy
End result of setting up room lights. I'll do a vlog tomorrow.…
I like twitter more than insta cause twtr is filled with people who r like me and cant speak english. insta has too many faek perfect people
The person above this tweet isn’t as entertaining as my broadcast! Click here to watch:….
1/3 setup complete this is harder than i had expected
lights came in today :D my channel just got a whole lot brighter ;)
dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like this weather no no you do not this weather sucks
*takes homework out* *rewards self with two hours of internet*
I still wish all of these RTs had been followers instead…
it's hot outside and im cold inside my house... this is what you call a waste of energy. wanted: warm hugs
i want to charge my phone using the macbook in my backpack but the usb ports dont work when the lid is shut. help?
What's is the most stereotypical ridiculous thing you ever did/saw as a freshmen?
why is it 90 degrees???!!! peasants put an umbrella over me, i was born hot but this is too much. slay
opening snapchat to find solid chat bubbles is basically the definition of having #cool friends but i dont have solid bubbles or friends
Student I don't know: "Dude! I heard you were on TV?!" Me: "Yeah, haha" Teacher: "Did you DVR it so I can play it for the class?" Me: Me: 😑
personality is what makes a video. yes a lot of people do tags & challenges but what makes them entertaining is the personalty behind it.
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The bell at my school sounds like the ice cream truck. Mommy, can I have a dollar?
@IsaiahJTurner are you selling fire trucks that spray haters with water whenever they’re about to say something rude? #nextBillionDollarIdea
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i really can't wait for this weeks video because i have the best thing to show you and guarantee it will quench your thirst ;)
I've officially decided that #firetruckthehaters is going to be my new slogan
The solution is to not send anything worth taking a screenshot of like my ugly face <3 #FiretruckTheHaters… ily miley
eating dinner and going to bed at 10 is a lie i tell myself every night.
I wish school debt worked like this “@WilliamTDR: We've needed this for a while. But that's done.
can someone make me an app that makes school no more
10% of my data plan is only going to last half an hour because of #school
Did I ever tell you that Ariana Grande is my goddess my slay queen #BuyMyEverythingOniTunes
I actually filmed my most recent video on an iPhone. The iPhone has an amazing camera, I am honestly impressed.
Feel free to DM me some constructive criticism on how I could have made this video better…
Hey people I started making weekly videos. Can you watch, like, and subscribe? PRO TIPS FOR WATCHING 3D PORN!: