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isaiah turner
Is it weird that I sometimes play my videos on repeat instead of listening to music?
i've considered renaming myself to "zay" or "zaiah" names i was called in elementary school so people could type my name correctly
going to dc on saturday :D
You call it disturbing search history, I call it research for next weeks video.
Yes twitter, no need to give me a notification. It's implied. // @nulljosh
omg i think twtr is broken with my video embedding in the tweet like literally i didnt even tweet a playlist! WHY MUST YOU FAIL ME @twitter
I answered your crazzzzyyy questions 😂😋…X6r
Oops I accidentally tweeted a bad link. SO AGAIN :p Retweet my next tweet or share this link for a Follow/RT.
Please like this comment even if you don't get it so I can win a Teddy bear and be happy in life…
.@oculus @matthewmspace a better name would be "Crescent Bae"
Let's play a game. Would you rather buy a $1500 iPhone or are you already choking?…
normal people on friday: partying like da world bout to end me: editing a video where i answer questions like "would you go gay for jony?"
if it wasnt for this stupid u2 album i would have enough empty space to download ios 8
There are 145 different possibilities you can choose from when ordering an iPhone currently for sale on
Working on a design. Any advice on the strange looking header?
Sometimes i talk to the notes in my fridge
Some of my followers are quite possibly the coolest people ever.
"In response to iCloud nude pic leaks"…
this is why i avoid social situations… 😂
everyone is so happy that you can use one password for everything in ios 8 and im like i have always used one password for everything
I asked my school to block updating to iOS 8 on the WoFi so I could "browse twitter during Philosophy" and they did, yay!
Anyone want to buy a used orange pebble with a scratch on it?
I need to learn design but don't have any big projects rite now, anyone want me to design something for them? Apps preferred.
i've watched taylor swift's shake it off music video more times than is normal
that awkward moment when you correct someones spelling and then realize it was the dust on your screen that made you see the wrong letter
parents: you spend too much time on the computer, it's like you're addicted me: fine can i go out parents: no
Elle Meadows is my inspiration. Working on making my videos like hers.… cc// @HiyaElle
Does anyone else feel this way? I think I just wrote way too much about an opinion that nobody else has.…
I wish there were girls at my high school that had higher hopes for their life than college. These are the relationship problems I have.
I recently learned that I don't set high enough goals. Like I only wanted to get 6 free t-shirts from PennApps but I walked away with 10.
I sometimes wonder what personality to use on Twitter. 1. High School 2. Hacker 3. Startup Founder 4. Youtuber 5. #relatable person 6. ect.
I can't remember the last time I was seriously unhappy. That makes me happy :)
Anyone know an iPhone camera app that will record in 1080p HD and stream a lower quality stream to my laptop? #iPhoneYoutuberProblems
A girl just said "my b" to me on Snapchat. Dear social media, You can't replace acronyms with single letters. IT MAKES NO SENSE! - me
there is a show called... wait for it... "selfie." what has this world come to?!?!?