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isaiah turner
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I'm only going to watch Pitch Perfect 2 when it comes out because FLULAAAAAAAAAA
photoshopping peoples faces into miley cyrus toung pictures has become a strange pass time of mine do i need help? probably.
I've yet to see an accurate youtuber Starter Pack 😂😂😂 //
over 30,000 white girls "literally die" every year because they "actually can't right now" #helpamerica2013
a better headline would be "Snapchat announces new partnership - get paid for your nudes" 😂😂…SYm
emojis set unrealistic expectations like nobody can actually put their hand like this 💁
Everybody check out @IsaiahJTurner , funny videos and he's cute too! Please guys.... Check. His vids. Out
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love stalking peoples facebook profiles and finding the day when they went through a transformation and finally posted pictures of themself
@IsaiahJTurner Different definitions of soon? Every one knows 'soon' means within the next 5 years, right? 😉
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#WeCanLandOnACometButWeCant upload copyright material to youtube.
This is a subtweet Kiernan. Like I don't ever talk to you... ever... but it's fun to subtweet people so that's happening. 😂😂
Hot or Not emailing me like "You've got 3 new Fans!" and I'm like... I left this app last year, shouldn't have given me a 1.7 rating. 😤
As usual, my video is going to be a day late. But it will be better than ever so check back tomorrow!
HOW ARE @HiyaElle's VIDEOS ALWAYS SO AMAZING??? (if you need an excuse to watch, it features #alexfromtarget sooo)…
Editing my new video and it's gonna be totes-amazeballs but in the meantime you can still watch last weeks video ;)…
I think I'm the only person who will not use lol unless I actually laugh out loud. Unlike your insta pics, my lol's aren't fake.
Echo by @TrevorMoran is stuck in my head but it sucks cause it's autotuned so hard that I can't even sing in tune. Why is autotune a thing?
@ItsFluffykid76: @IsaiahJTurner what do you feel like doing??” i feel like taking a nap
debating on wether i should make a serious, casual, or entertaining video this week
twitter should add group chats
I've had so many problems with last weeks video because of spammers but you can still watch it here!…
Like my Facebook page because Facebook is the best social network.
I realized I don't ever say thank you so I've been trying to do a better job of it lately. If I say thank you too much now, thats why. 😂
Sooo sorry about the problems I've been having with my video today. It's going to stay private until I can get the views fixed.
I'm going to contact @YouTube directly to see if they can reset the counter. Please don't do this again.
come as the result of working for them, not some hacky fake method. [2/2]
To whomever turned on some automatic view service for my video, please turn it off. I've made my video private. I'd like my views to [1/2]
YES! I am officially a partner with Freedom Network. Expect way cooler music in my upcoming videos!
why do people want #alexfromtarget when they could have... "#isaiahfromkmart" wait no, that's not right.
I just realized it's Spaceship, not Space Ship... do I correct my grammar or leave it on the internet forever?
If I was to upload the 30+ minutes of raw footage from one of my videos is that something you guys would be interested in or just silly?
For real though tweet a link to my video and I'll retweet you it's like the ultimate shout out for you and the ultimate promo for me :D
NEW VIDEO!! if you don't like space ship explosion videos don't worry because it's NOT A Space Ship Explosion Video…
New video in 14 minutes!
To whomever says it's impossible to grow a subscriber base on YouTube anymore all I have to say is; the only way to fail is to stop trying.
finally uploading 😬
Note to self: don't film on upload day or you'll spend your entire day and night filming and editing.
i just realized thaf i tweet way too much about not understanding things... i should just use my brain
i dont understand how i have over 1,000 followers but only get a few favorites on tweets WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING WITH YOUR LIVES