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Isaiah Clark
This is what happens when Hydrophobic Sand is placed under water..
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Teachers act like this is how the world will be
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I start speaking Spanish when I get really happy
17 Days 4Hours and 46 Minutes
It's not a good thing to obsess over stuff that is merely theoretical
⚠️West shirts for $25 but if you rt this, $20⚠️ you can either text or dm me or @Thereal_Colton
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White person with dreads call em alien
Go be out in the world
you know a Mexican girl about to fight when she wear this to school
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When you finally think your mom is done complaining, but she come back like
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we been back at school for a couple of weeks and ive had more homework in these few weeks than the whole of last year
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Michelle Obama has me starving
The space we occupy and change will forever be temporary
I thought life was unfair until I herd someone say "life is unfair to everyone."
This week is going by so slow
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@IsaiahClark_ @EmrgencyKittens Actually, hitler looked like this cat, but it's not this cat's fault.
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How do you mess up rice
And she didn't blink twice
I have so much homework it's not even funny
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Surprised I made it through the day
It's not okay that my homework is taking this long
If my teacher keeps this up, I'm gonna fail chem for the rest of the year
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Our Journey Begins: #TwoDots This game is actually super addicting
We never chose life but life is full of choices
I thought this was supposed to be time away from school
I feel like school is slowly taking away the memories we're meant to create as young people.