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Amine Naittalb
That one night when you want to get the most sleep but your brain laughs goes NOPE
I got : Knight! What Was Your Social Status in Your Past Life?… via @play_buzz
You Can't Burn Bridges And Try To Cross Them Later.
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I didn't even know that haha😂 you guys are awesome☺️❤️
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Might Try out Snapchat, Favorite if you think its worth signing up for
When someone gets in trouble or is introuble and you sit there trying to not laugh looking like a suffocating seal making random noises
That awkward moment when the teacher rashes on a kid n class and everyone gets silent or Hyped up
Saying to yourself go to sleep repeatedly but end up binge watching on Netflix
When you give people perfect relationship advice but your not in a relationship #foreveralone
That phase before you fall asleep when you stare at the wall just thinking
I'm good at algebra; I can replace your X and you wouldn't need to figure out Y.
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I'm not hungry.. this is a phrase I will never say #foodislife
I hate how when I go to visit my family I get used to them in and we start having more and more fun and then we have to go back home
Lying in bed on Twitter Facebook and Instagram while watching Peter Pan, Don't judge me ok.
Ever read your old statuses or tweets or messages or what ever and just feel like punching yourself in the face endlessly #facepalm #UFC
When you think you failed a test but you end up with a good grade and your just like
Psychology says, no matter how angry you get, you always end up forgiving the people you love.
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The struggle of trying to fit a perfect tweet into 140 characters #thestruggleisreal
Having one of those days where I have alot of homework and I decide to be lazy and go on twitter but ill end up panicking #procrastination
I've probably watched more hours of #HocusPocus then hours in school. That is my MOVIE #Halloween
That awkward moment when you get a cologne and people stare at you int he streets cause you keep trying to smell your shirt secretly
I really want to start my Youtube Channel back up again.
Girls in Sweats a T-shirt and a bun <3 <3
Trying to learn how to do a knuckle ball. those kicks are to nice. #SoccerSaturday
The fact that my toe almost healed from kicking the ground from about a week ago and then i hurt it again today -_- smh #soccerprobs
Just got back from a game with my old Team. Good win 11-2. long game though 45 minute half's
About to go visit my first soccer team without them I would've never been able to play today, they taught me everything I know.
Toronto traffic you are actually THE worst.
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I'm extending our goal to $180k! That's 5 more wells that'll provide 2400 ppl w/ safe, clean drinking water for LIFE!
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Somethin out there always has a plan for u, if ur goin through bad times, stay strong & true! Things always work out for the genuine people
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Tickets are now on sale for @AmityFest guys! Get your tickets now now now 😊😍😁
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. @caroline_ciet @camerondallas @TheMattEspinosa throwbackkkk.. Hey guise can we do another one of these when I'm back in Cali?
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aright....this is crazy...but....ahhhh..... if this tweet gets 1,000 RETWEETS by MIDNIGHT tonight..... i'll upload a new video tomorrow..
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#AskConnor Your favorite drink to order from Starbucks?
I miss everything about Youtube even editing videos it was pretty but hopefully ill get my channel back up this year
I'm Loving Twitter on Windows 8
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