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Patharon aj mere ser pe barastey kiun ho, Mainey tumko bhi kabhi apna khuda rakha hai
Our performance at expo centre. #Pride paperazzimagazine's photo
Lost and insecure, you found me lying on the floor
Could have been at the loreal bridal week but i would rather mime at college. 😒
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind Each prayer accepted and each wish resigned
How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot The world forgetting, by the world forgot
Typical 2015 wasteman starter pack
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You spend so long sleeping in your bed, you forget that it's also a pretty cool place to cry and feel lonely. Huehue.
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People start making you sick eventually.
Nosie little bitch.
These copy paste guys are the worst.
Astaghfirullah, where is the dupatta?
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Why can't a Pakistani teenager work just to be independent.
Why do people in Pakistan think you're needy if you're working for yourself ?
What did one egg say to the other on August 14? "Happy anda-pendence day!"
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This upsets me more than anything.
"A moment of pain is worth a lifetime of joy"
There's two types of people in the world
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"How was your summer?" Me: Lit😊K
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Dutch Architects Create A Habitable Windmill That Could Power A City…
"People find time for what they think is important."
What the fuck is wrong with friends who want to call you at 3 am?
the funny thing tho is nicki is like "tHIS ISNT ABOUT TAYLOR" and then you look at her favorites and you're like
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Taylor you fool, your fate has been sealed
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Worth a read. In Words: Confused-Pakistani-Teenagers…
#GrowingUpPakistani When your parents call you kuthe ki olaad but you're their olaad
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Smelly cat, smell-ly cat. What are they feeding you?
I'm as lame as phoebe from friends. Maybe even lamer.
Why is everybody missing their lovers on my timeline right now?
"History has a way of repeating itself until you learn from it"
White people are a special kind of stupid.
I had a dream where my father said it's okay if i started smoking i should just never touch pot again.

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