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Irma's Truth
#tbt For once I'm the only one not being weird
#tbt Sharon's book launch / art expo #richmondhill #toronto #artist #writers
I seem to develop this Jamaican persona when I text. I even hear the patois in my head while in typing. Why?
White killer: "I am a racist. This was racially motivated." Media: "Woah there buddy!!!! We don't know all the facts yet. Give us time."
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Media: it was probably mental illness and gun control laws Killer: it was because I hate black people Media: we'll never really know why
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I like when people are specific and I don't think that's to much to ask. I actually can't understand anything without context.
The physiological warfare on black people in America is disgusting. Stay conscious and get ready. This revolution will not be civilized!
#morning #quotes #love
If anyone else uses the term transracial in any context that's not a joke, I'm going to loose my shit!!
#MCM @lordrosery even when you think it's not possible he gets sexier every year. 👌😍😍😍😘 #hot #toronto #actor #Monday #mancrush
Because... Selfie sticks and sun dresses.
Changing the world one #Monday at a time @gripmediato #writers and a #selfieStick
when you feeling him until he speaks his mind and you realize he's another misogynistic waste of space.
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Korean BBQ! I'm on that cannibal diet. check out this hot new video by @DJ_Aaries
I liked a @YouTube video Touch promo vid bloopers
Mr clean is so sexy!
#YouAintAfricanIf you have never been slapped for crying cause you just got slapped
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#YouAintAfricanIf your parents didn't tell you there's rice at home when you asked for McDonalds
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"If you say you're in trouble, he says, "Yes, YOU'RE in trouble." He doesn't identify himself with your plight"
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Everyone in Toronto seems to be either to weird, to crazy or full of issues. Which one am I?
The one who's always capable but hardly ever willing.
How can I become a songwriter with any musical talent? I know its possible i just need to find the path.
My natural inclination towards laziness is the dragon with which I do battle EVERY DAY. We all got a dragon. #ARRAY…
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My mom used to make my plates when i was younger and it used to annoy me..she would neverrr give me the big meat..the big meat is for dad
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Shout out to @Dubzooworld for the listing!
Canada's Wonderland fun!!! #happyweekend
#SleepInSaturday but clearly I'm awake cuz in tweeting
respectability implies that our humanity is to be earned. that in order to lessen the grip of racism we must follow certain "rules".
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My bed is like a damn cloud! I deserve a trophy for waking up every morning. #ImInLoveWithMyBed #ILoveSleep
RIP to my iPhone 5
......we're in a position of begging these companies that we didn't create and don't own not to put forth certain narratives.....
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It doesn't matter how famous you are if you're on social media and following less than 3 ppl you're an ass
Wisdom = Wise Dome
The one who smiles behind the camera. #toronto #photography #nofilter
Downtown photo shoots with friends @oneadam #Toronto #spring #NoFilter #DontWalkDance
I cant believe that in this day and age im actually on Facebook arguing with a white man who is trying to compare Black Americans to Hitler.
You know shit is real when even your mom won't respond to your text. #WhyDoesntAnyoneLoveMe
Captain America was frozen in ice for 70 years. He should've woken up way more racist. #Avengers
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Be chained in a slave ship and be quiet. Pick cotton and be quiet. Back of the bus and be quiet. Be killed and be quiet. #BaltimoreUprising
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'Shit People Say to Women Directors' Highlights Sexism in the Film and TV Industry…
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DIY painting part 2 I'm a mess.

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