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wowww wowwww wowwww pain pain pain pain paiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn !!!!!!!!
can't believe i'm actually typing this words " RIP LOLA " :((((( :((((
wow still floating ..... i just couldn't believe how Lola died :(
An Oxford University study has found that for every person you fall in love with and accommodate into your life you lose two close friends.
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Feeling sad when people misunderstand you and make up stories when all you want to do is help and make others happy. 😔
Life is too short to sit at home thinking #whatif
I'd erase my thoughts if I only knew how. - The Wanted.
You know your friendship with someone is truly special when you have a big fight yet manage to work things out and stay friends.
"Some people will like you, some people will hate you, but I really don’t care either way. I’m not losing sleep over it." — Lauren Conrad
you don't have to be beautiful to turn me on ~
twerk like mileyy
ii swearrr ...
take me wherever you go , i wanna learn the things that you know ... now that you made me believe .. i'll follow you
If I had a choice, I would be naked all the time. How do people even wear clothes in this heat. 💦😩
Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko bid farewell to President Aquino on last day of state visit . | via @willardcheng
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Choco blocks is taking over 😁🍫
cleveland x cavs
Every tweet has a backstory though. Dont judge someone so quickly. Only the two of them know whats really happening
you're as relevant as the letter "K" in knife
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If you kiss my neck, I'm not responsible for what happens next.
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Sometimes, I feel like I have way too much ambition for my own good. But hey, nothing worthwhile ever comes easily.
I know what I want and where I want to be. And I'm not stopping at nothing until I get there. ❤️
I wish you know that I never forget you as long as I'm living Wish you were right here, right now, it's all good, I wish you would
When you wanna go swimming but you don't have a pool 😩😭
Cause I can’t have you the way that I want. Let’s just go back to the way it was -Ariana Grande.
I still care, i'm just done showing it.
Have u ever craved someone? Not in a sexual way,but you just wanted to hear the sound of their voice or feel the warmth of their body 😔❤️
Baby, there you go again, there you go again making me love you. - Maroon 5
My heart is broke, but I have some glue. Help me inhale and mend it with you. - Nirvana.
Twitter is all fun and games until you get that text asking what that tweet was about
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Commit to loving yourself completely. Its the most radical thing you will do in your lifetime.
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Everybody longs for the day that they can finally say, "I'm happy." and mean it. 😔#WhoGoatt

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