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"@ohteenquotes: Just because someone desires you, it doesn't mean they value you."
Always remember that you are a package deal. Never let anyone pick and choose what they want from you. It's all or none. Know your Worth.
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Storm signal nos. 1 and 2 now up in 29 provinces due to #RubyPH. On what these signals entail:…
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We encourage British citizens in PH to inform your families in the UK your location & contact numbers & let them know you are safe. #RubyPH
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Oh world, there are so many other things to worry about than being fat.
#walangpasok Classes are suspended today Dec. 5 in all levels, in the province of Cavite. |via @jonvicremulla #RubyPH
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Pres. Aquino: We are supposed to be more experienced after #YolandaPH. We should be able to do a lot more once #RubyPH passes through.
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JUST IN: #RubyPH strengthens, now with max. winds of 205kph. It has also slowed down, so landfall will now be Saturday afternoon #Hagupit
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It'd be nice if I heard from you today, just so I can stop feeling alone. Good Morning :) #TyphoonRuby #HuwagNamanSana#ButiNangHanda
When you feel like you're just about to split into two, remember that glowsticks break before they shine. #failquotes #tulognateh
Happiest birthday to my sister (Jaden) from another Mister x have a blast babe
#Capricorn's will do anything for anyone but once you've crossed them they will hang you out to dry by any means necessary.
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Love your life. Celebrate and embrace each moment because no one else can do it for you. –Donald Duck
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Behind every "It's OK" is a broken heart. 💔
Since you don't use Twitter often, I'll say it here: IMY.
Today's Inspiration: Heart-tugging Acts of a Dying Mother for Her Only Son (You Will Cry).…
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why you gotta be so rude, dnt you know I'm human too .
bby look what you've done to me.
In love, never ever settle for someone who doesn't make your heart beat like the wings of a bird when you see him or her.
PRIMARY HOMES are no professional !
How am I supposed to go to school, do homework, study, stay in shape, be social, help out at home, and get 8+ hours of sleep at night??
Happy T-giving to everyone. I'm so thankful for my life and getting to do what I love so much. Eat your asses off, @THETNKIDS !!!
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Feeling under the weather... I wanna get up and do a lot of stuff.. But my body won't let me. Anyone feeling sicky today?
I've been so MIA on Twitter and only noticed that now. Can't wait to share with you guys things I'm gonna be working on soon 😊
Sometimes, you need to be alone. Not to be lonely, but to enjoy your free time being yourself.
You know you really love someone when you can't hate them for breaking your heart
Look at your life as a comedy rather than a melodrama and it will go well.
quick getaway w / me myself & I :)
My parents aren't rich but they always found a way to make sure I have anything I ever needed or wanted and for that I'm forever grateful.
"@SexTaIk: A girl is not a yo-yo. You can't just pull her close when you need her, then push her away when you don't. Period."
Kissing helps us determine if someone is a good match.
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"@Senyora: Daming self-proclaimed bipolar. Sarap pagsasampalin, di yata alam pinakaiba ng moody sa bipolar. Mga shunga"
In 1524, a statue of the Virgin Mary was found guilty of being a witch and was burned.
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