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Poonam Pandey
Sorry! Tweethearts Dammmn Buzzy wid My Films :( Missing You Badly
If my hair looks as good as it does right now in the morning.. I will buy this stuff forever.
That's so Cute :) Click on Like if u Find it Cute too... Jai Shree Ganesh!
Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today. James Dean
Poonam Pandey all set for 100Cr. Club - The Times of India
Poonam Pandey finally Signs A Second Film -Subash K Jha
Poonam Pandey finds another interesting script after 'Nasha'
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What are the four P's of marketing? 1) Priyanka Chopra 2) P. Diddy 3) Poonam Pandey 4) PMOIndia
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*poonam pandey pic updates* Doing aarti *cleavage* Having lunch *cleavage* Watching TV *cleavage* Doing nothing *cleavage*
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Will be Visiting Lalbaugcha Raja take Ganpatti Bappa's Blessings and Will Announce you all
Also this time I have made a Special Note that the Producers have Enough Money to Promote the Film and not Like NASHA
This time its Gonna be More Spicy!
After Rejecting So Many Scripts after NASHA .... Finally I have found a Gr8 Script!
The await is Over! Its a Good Good! News!..... Stay tune
Poonam Pandey upset at not being part of nude photo scandal! - The Times of India on Mobile via @timesofindia
In our country Mulayam Singh Yadav is secular, Poonam Pandey is Sanskaari, Salman Khan is virgin and Ishant Sharma is a bowler.
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If u solve dis evry1 will call u genius..!! A+B+B+B+80+90=100.. A=? B=? SOLVE??
There are five types of fear. 1. terror 2: panic 3. 14 missed calls from mom 4: username or password is incorrect 5. we need to talk
Feeling Blessed! Took Darshan of Ganpati Bappa
Its Really tough to Carry a Saree! :(
Its so tough to wear a Saree Unluckily my Mom & Sis gone at Relatives place... Dono How I am gonna wear it :((
I Guess only Once in a Year I get a Chance to wear Saree #AndheriChaRaja
After Long Long time will be wearing Saree for a Ganpati Darshan! #AndheriChaRaja
SHARE if u Agree with this Lines :)
Woke with this nice Whtsaap Msg! Have a Gr8 day Tweethearts!
💕💕खुबसूरत तालमेल है मेरे और उपर वाले के बिच में, ज्यादा मै मांगती नही और कम वो देता नही।। 💕💕🍫 
SUBSCRIBE to @iPoonampandey Official YOUTUBE CHANNEL Now.. and Win a Chance to MEET ME...
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💜Enjoy your Sunday! I will enjoy a cup of tea in my bath tub while tweeting#lazySundayy#whynott x ☕
Done "@iPoonampandey: SUBSCRIBE to My Official YOUTUBE CHANNEL Now.. and Win a Chance to MEET ME..."
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My room Temperature rised to 100°C as i Subscribe @iPoonampandey YouTube Channel.
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SUBSCRIBE to My Official YOUTUBE CHANNEL Now.. and Win a Chance to MEET ME...
The only time I'll sleep until noon is if it's Sunday morning, rain is falling + I'm in a lace bra
Just visited My laywer & friend Adv. Prashant Mali @CyberMahaGuru To take Ganpati Bappas Darshan #FeelingBlessed
Can you guess...what song is playing on the background?
Good Morning Tweethearts! There is a dance Video of mine which has gone Viral on Whtsaap can ... any1 please fwd me the Link... Need to see
Just had my first Aarti of this year's Ganesh Chaturthi :) #FeelingBlessed #GanpatiBappaMorya
Tweetheart's! !! Did u see my New Videos Posted on my Official Youtube Channel????
Tweethearts! Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. May Lord Ganesh always bestow his blessings on you all Ganpati Bappa Morya
#DownloadingPoonamPandeysApp Even playstore has a trending apps section Can't think of any other app on the top @iPoonampandey
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I just love u all....... The way u are Tweeting feels like following u all... But lets see who are the Lucky 5 #DownloadingPoonamPandeysApp
Fasterrrrrrr....;) it's just 300 Times!! #DownloadingPoonamPandeysApp
Ok! I feel 1000 is a Big now let me give discount .. just 300 times from now on #DownloadingPoonamPandeysApp Lets see who wins! ;)
Loving the speed!! Lets see who's lucky.. #DownloadingPoonamPandeysApp