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David Burge
@iowahawkblog US campus 2014: No booze, no sex, no laughing, & totalitarian politics. Just like the Islamic State only a lot more expensive.
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White House not sure if we're not cooperating with Iran in non-war against not Muslims…
Instead of shopping at Urban Outfitters, save big money by murdering and stripping your own crack addicts. #DavesTipsForTeens
There is nothing on planet Earth more boring than "edgy marketing." #UrbanOutfitters
I'll tell you this much: if I'm gonna pay $129 for a sweatshirt, that damn we'll better be real hippie blood on it
Who defiled Kent State more: Urban Outfitters or Urban Meyer?
Tin soldiers and Nixon coming We're finally on our own I just bought a Kent State sweatshirt At the Galleria from UO #UrbanOutfitters
"Hey, Xiang Bo, wanna grab a beer after work?" "Sorry, way behind painting blood on these sweatshirts." #UrbanOutfittersFactoryGuangdong
The most obscene thing about that Urban Outfitters sweatshirt: $129.
I just robbed Liquor Barn RT @exjon I just checked in at Talebu Coffee & Wine Bar on #Yelp and unlocked $1 off any 24oz espresso bar drink!
Degrayedd #doubledoseofpimpin RT @ZekeJMiller White House Emphasizes 'Degrade' Over 'Destroy' on ISIS
Great show by 5 For Fighting @johnondrasik at Ravinia last night. And congrats to Mr&Mrs @architectguy who became grandparents during it!
Cripes, when politicians visit New Jersey, they're not compelled to dress up in a Tony Soprano tracksuit. Iowa? It's Clem Clodhopper time!
Yes, as a matter of fact, all my tweets this month will be bagpipe-themed.
Another true story: the first season the Hawkeyes ended the marching bagpipe band, they went to the Rose Bowl.
True story: the Iowa Hawkeyes once had the only marching bagpipe band in college football.
I've got a lot of fantasies, but a never-ending football game at Buffalo Wild Wings isn't one.
I'm worried that Scotland independence could disrupt global supplies of haggis and bagpipes.
Best wishes to @Liberty_Chick Mandy Nagy as she recovers from her stroke.…
@iowahawkblog "I'm a better enemy than America's enemies." Oh, wait.
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And now, he apparently thinks he's a better ISIS adviser than ISIS's advisers.
I hope if I'm ever beheaded for being an American, the NY Times will check up on the president do see how he's holding up after the news.
Hip young social studies teacher tells head-chopping caveteens why it's totally not cool to behead the other kids in the lunchroom
Thanks, media, for all the sad reflective sympathy stories on how this ongoing ISIS horror show is personally effecting Barack Obama.
If ISIS hired me as an adviser, I'd send them a Power Point strapped to a MOAB.
Obama: if I was advising ISIS, I'd have them pin notes on hostages instead of beheading. Me: if you were advising ISIS, they'd be bankrupt.
AYFKM: President of United States muses on how he would've advised ISIS (spoiler alert: pin notes to hostages)…
@iowahawkblog That's from the NYT reported piece on the two pre-speech huddles he held with journalists and advisers.
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WUT <slaps own face Curly-style> RT @gabrielmalor What the fuck.
Skrumble (n): word invented by me to describe a thing that's not really a war, but at the same time not really not a war. #YoureWelcomeWH
Kerry now says we're at "war" with ISIS? Jeez, WH messaging pushes more updates than Adobe Acrobat.
See you tonight at Ravinia for Five For Fighting, a/k/a my pal @johnondrasik
In today's episode of Europe Is Utterly F***ed, 27% of French citizens 18-24 support ISIS…
by 16% to 13%, French give ISIS higher approval rating than their own president……
Kanye Biden MT @Independent Kanye West halts concert after fan refuses to stand - doesn't realise he's in a wheelchair
Find the expert on Islam: Barack Obama (JD Harvard) David Cameron (BA Oxford) ISIS head Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi (PhD Islamic Theology U Baghdad)
"Achmed, did you see Cameron said we're not Muslims?" "Really?" "Yeah." "Wow, man. Harsh." "I know." *collective shoe gaze* #themoreyouknow
If we keep explaining to ISIS why they're not really Muslims, they'll eventually get all ashamed and stop beheading people and stuff.
Geez Louise! Look what a simple tweet to @iowahawkblog can do for your stats! (Or was it the word GREEN?)
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And now for a brief Iowa musical travelogue