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David Burge
It's refreshing to see a candidate focus on bread and butter issues like miscegenation and dildos. #WendyDavis
FT @WendyDavisTexas Why won't wheelchair KKK Grand Kleagle Greg Abbott stop beating interracial couples to death with his racist dildo?
We noticed. RT @nickconfessore: New DCCC fundraising email: "We are completely out of ideas."
Sorry kids, I'm spending your inheritance at @TorchyTaco
Odd. I'm feeling fine. RT @politico @politico: POLITICO poll: Alarm, anxiety as election looms
Why this pope looking like he about to drop the hardest freestyle of the year and d guy behind him dropping the beat
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He's decided to become more selective in his appeal MT @YahooNews A steady stream of people walk out of MD auditorium while Obama spoke
Is That You, Vodka? It's Me, Rosemary RT @TeeKayTex @iowahawkblog I called Rosemary. She'll be right over, big guy.
I catch them in my mouth like a seal with fish. RT @NeilPeartProbs @iowahawkblog - what if we lob it at you?
Under the trees at Central Market on N Lamar in Austin if you want to feed me beer. Look for guy in green t-shirt on computer. Here till 9.
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for deregulating air travel. Just wish fellow passengers exhibited a little self-respect.
In 45 years the commercial flying experience has gone from Mad Men to People of Walmart.
"I can't believe I'm on an airplane" - what I say when I see people board with plastic garbage bag luggage
Austin was much cooler yesterday before all these wannabe hipsters moved in this morning
OK famously hospitable Texans - who's gonna buy me my first beer here?
My fellow Texans— @iowahawkblog has arrived in the Lone Star State! A date which will live in infamy.
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Move aside Ebola, there's a new plague in town
In Norman, Oklahoma. Howdy Sooner Nation.
Be honest -- which guy do you really feel would do a better job protecting us from a viral epidemic?
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Time to load the wagon for the final push into Texas.
I refuse to work for any candidate stupid enough to hire me.…
Washington operates on the premise that if you pay $500,000 for a Yugo, it becomes a Ferrari.
"We're just not big enough to be competent." - every government ever
After extensive research, Kyle my Truck Crash Czar has determined the cause of last night's liquor store incident: lack of funding.
I'm frustrated and seething about my truck ending up in the liquor store again. I am appointing my weed dealer Kyle as Truck Crash Czar.
Ron Klain is an implementation expert, and by "implementation" I of course mean "shoveling $850 billion in taxpayer cash to campaign donors"
Face it: for an administration that hired the likes of Tommy Vietor, Marie Harf, Jen Psaki and Ben Rhodes, Ron Klain IS qualified.
Q: Why did President Obama appoint Ron Klain as Ebola Czar? A: Tommy the van driver was busy.
Top WH Ebola response priority: have anonymous flunkies tell the NYTimes how blameless president is "seething"…
Satire Is Dead: Transgender woman can’t be diversity officer at Wellesley because she’s a white man now…
Ladies Love Delicious Dave® #LLDD MT @stephiegal xxoo love this! honored you're driving through.
Do the most hipster thing possible - move to Des Moines…
Fireworks herald my arrival in Ottawa Kansa
At the Machine Shed in Urbandale enjoying a pork tenderloin sammich #nationaldishofIowa
@iowahawkblog thanks for the plug! We have a Twitter deficit up in here.
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Need some groovy stuff for that special rugrat? Visit my niece Kelly's baby boutique Itsy Bitsy in North Liberty!
"Oh my God, this man is sick! Quick, someone fetch a lawyer!"