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David Burge
Celebrating my impending return to Texas with a frosty cold tallboy of Tito's Vodka.
Want to fix the entire US health care system? Next time start by fixing a toaster, then work your way up.
Every self-described "policy wonk" ever
America's favorite health care law designer... MACGRUBER
Diff between Gruber & the the Ford Pinto gas tank designer? The gas tank designer didn't brag in 1968 how it would deter tailgaters.
"I won't raise premiums in your mouth." #speako
In Vox World, federal court rulings are based on stuff Ezra Klein doesn't remember hearing.
Wacky, fun-loving Aussie on holiday posts Twitter selfie holding 2 severed heads…
In Cartoon World, gravity doesn't work until you look down and notice you've walked past the cliff…
I am establishing the Texas Association of Blue State Refugees. Objective: to prevent TX from becoming IL. By any means necessary. #TABSR
To clarify - I'm not in TX at the moment, just a homeowner there. For the next few months will be bicoastal. #NTTAWWT
As of 8:30 AM central time, I am officially a taxpaying home owner in the great state of Texas.
Drinking Mallort with Matt Welch in Chicago #wooooo
Want free housing and nutritious food? Commit bank fraud and go to Federal prison like Rep. Jan Schakowsky's husband. #DavesTips
Instead of congressmen pretending to live on minimum wage, let's see them actually live without legalized insider trading.
Yep, and I was Slater. #marthawasacoolcoollady RR @Wilforth42: @iowahawkblog sooo "Dazed and Confused" was pretty accurate, then?
My 17 y/o brother bought a 12k-mile '70 Chevelle SS 454 LS-5 with a Rock Crusher. $2k in 1976.
The only good thing about the 70s: buying insane 60s muscle cars for next to nothing. My HS parking lot would today=high end car museum.
#throwbackthursday my second car. Replaced 326 w/ a tri-power 421 Super Duty & M21 from a '64 Grand Prix.
A garbage 307. Added headers & 4 barrel, to little effect. Chicks dug it, though. MT @BillZeiser What did you have under the hood?
#throwbackthursday my first car. Bought bone stock at age 14, then hot rodded.