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Today was a good day. But the sad part is that I did not go walking as I should (orders from many doctors!).
Obama Officially Just Made His Most Insane Statement YET on Iran and Israel…
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Citizens Should Have No Secrets Gov’t Can’t Access, Is Anarchy Dangerous? Now go to
Lab Grown Meat is the Future. Now go to
Psychiatrist vs. Bartender, Great Graphics to Enjoy. Now go to
Does Google hate porn? Find out at
Americans Need Jobs, Land of Limitations. Now go to
Google Renames Itself “Alphabet”. Now go to (this is TRUE folks!!!!!)
Monday Night, Good Stuff For All. Now go to
Scientists Teach a Robot How to React when Bullied. Go to
An Obama Executive Order Legalizes Slave Labor In America, and More. Now go to
Public Demand For Precious Metals Skyrockets. Go to
How hunting with wolves helped humans outsmart the Neanderthals, and More. Go to
I watch FOX because it is so damn funny! RINOS all live there.
There are too many crazy people out there.
More Fun Stuff for Sunday. Now go to and enjoy.
Avoid Windows 10 For Sure. Be like me and other smart computer users! Go to for more.
I want to go on record right now: I do not like the Donald and will hope the people of the USA do NOT vote for the Trump!
#Trump is so smart that he voted for #Obama. You're embarrassing yourselves.
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Just Some Fun Stuff For Sunday. Now go to and enjoy.
How I did on Twitter this week: 1 New Followers, 2 Mentions, 10 Retweets. How'd your week go? via
Strong, Safe, Random Online Password Generator. Great site to create great passwords!
Do Police Need a Warrant to See Where a Phone Is?, When Muslims Burn Jews Alive. Go now to for more.
Netscape changed the internet—and the world—when it went public 20 years ago. Go to
Tits – Why this blog is banned at namepros forum! NSFW. Go to
America – Founded In Liberty, US Invasion Of Syria. Now go to
Decision made. We will be going to the Texas Roadhouse for steak dinners later today.
Take a ride around Mars with NASA’s new rover simulator. Now go to
What’s the oldest joke?, US’s Saudi Oil Deal From Win-Win To Mega-Lose. Now go to
Who Cleans Up After Seeing Eye Dogs?, the Scariest Word of the Year. Now go to

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