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In the Ice Bucket Challenge by Poonam Pandey.. English accent lost the challenge.
If a girl ruins her wet nail paint just to reply to your text, marry her!!
Fashion designer Vikram Phadnis says that his friendship with Bipasha and Dia goes beyond clothes.. Sounds a lot like friends with benefits
People who posting their videos of taking the ice bucket challenge are usually the same people who ask you not to play Holi to save water
I didn't took bath today... Was just waiting someone would nominate me for the ice bucket challenge.
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The best performance of Sharukh Khan onscreen was in Army where he died in the beginning due to over acting
I don't know if Rani Mukherjee's voice is melodious or not but yes.. When compressor of my AC starts.. I feel like she is singing
People are making weekend plans and I'm here thinking 'subah naha ke jaaun ya aise hi'.
I am still trying to figure out how many wrongs make a right... I guess I will keep going.
I never trust a woman who tells her real age. If she can tell that, she’ll tell anything.
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RT if you are waiting for Sunny Leone n Poonam Pandey's Ice bucket Challange
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Laut aao Trisha .. Tere naad me meri maa khana late banati hai ..
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Never let logic come in the way of your pointless religious fights.
And then there are stupid fucks who think that being damaged somehow gives them the certificate to damage others too.
Woke up before the usual time. Found the purpose of my life. It's sleeping.
Yaar blaming Anushka Sharma for India's loss is like blaming Sachin Tendulkar for the flop of Dil Bole Hadippa.
If a girl is not behaving the normal bitchy with you.. Be a man and ask her upfront what is that favor she needs.
The only reason our moms dont shop online is that they cant bargain..
The sex ratio in India must be 3 Nehas for every Abhishek.
Leonardo DiCaprio's death in Titanic was the original ice bucket challenge.
People in Mira Road also wanted to do the ice bucket challenge but no water from the past 15 years.
Not many know this but Facebook deletes pictures of couples that doesn't have a "made for each other" comment within 24 hours of posting.
Thanks to Facebook.. At least it says that we're friends.
Din main jitni baar 'neend aa rahi hai yaar' bolta hu.. Utni baar agar bhagwaan ka naam lu toh bhagwaan hi aa jayenge.
You want peace of mind you don't need to abandon the world just uninstall Whatsapp.
Doodh peeya hai toh saamne aa... Coffee peeya hai toh insomnia
There are well wishers and then there are people who wish you fall in well.
No matter how "busy" a persons day might be. If they "really care", they'll always find time for you.
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Watched Happy new year's trailer on YouTube.. Loved the part where video was buffering.
But here's the good part- There's alcohol for good times. And there's a lot of alcohol for bad days.
What comes around goes around.
If you love her till death, she will ensure you die.
Yaar abhi toh bas aadha ghanta hua tha.. Nikaal di sab ne Indian flag wali dp?
Phone dying. No electricity, no water since yesterday morning. This is how we celebrating 68th independence day.
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Petrol prices cheaper by Rs. 2/ltr.. Good yaar as I can save Rs. 8 per day.. Soon I'm going to buy a independent flat.
But the question remains.. When will you get your independence.
Honestly, I'm glad I met everyone in my life. The good and the bad. The good make me thankful, the bad make me learn my lessons.
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Kingfisher airlines ko ab sirf Rohit Shetty hi uda sakta hai.
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Buying "Bata k shoes" is the SI unit of middle class family.
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Sare serials me same Rakhsha Bandhan dikha rahe hai fir bhi saree serials dekhna imp and zaruri hai - Mom
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OMG dey hav started 2 show South Indian movie dubbed in Marathi also. koi bhi chanel lagao south indian hi chalu #yanarascala #tichyamaila
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Tv lagao tho South Indian dubbed movies , Theatre jao tho South Indian movie ka Remake. Akhir chal kya raha hai :/
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Mondays r a lot like getting fat.Dey mak u feel sad, sumtimes angry n there is not much scope 4 liking either fat or Mondays for any reason.
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In paralleL universe on Monday you get a call from office n they tell you nt to get out of ur bed n dnt come to office. Go back to sleep
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