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If a backyard BBQ is not Instagrammed, did it actually happen? #TechTruth
Imagine what you can build with Intel. #origami #robot #processor
#DidYouKnow synesthetes often see colors when they hear sounds?
Taking computing to new heights. #framed #NYC #beautiful
Ever wonder why some of our workers look like they’re heading off to space? #TBT
A good firework selfie might require the reflexes of a ninja. #TechTruth
If cars increased efficiency at the same rate as microprocessors, we’d be getting half a million miles to the gallon by now. #DidYouKnow
In 1978, Intel unveiled the 8086 microprocessor – the first 16-bit microprocessor that eventually became a worldwide industry standard in ultimate processing power. #sciencesnap #didyouknow #innovation #tbt
Pinball wizard? The pinball industry was among the earliest adopters of the first microprocessor, the Intel 4004. #HighScore
Want to get more out of one device? Try creating on a #2in1.
How are #IntelTablets revolutionizing the road trip? Learn about the future of the dashboard:
Wish your car could drive itself? The road to the #autonomous car is not that long:
Will computer and cloud memory replace the need for human memory someday?
The very first run of Intel 4004 chips was a total bust due to a manufacturing error. What if we had stopped there? #KeepGoing
We worked on our swing. The @Dell #XPS is form and function on par. #2in1
Are you #inspired yet? #macro
#DidYouKnow pro cyclists can generate 2000 watts of power? Enough to run a 4th Gen Core Intel Processor for 83 days.
If the moon looks smaller tonight, it’s because it’s at its greatest apogee (distance away from the Earth) in 2014. #DidYouKnow
Science meets art: the Intel #processor lets you adapt to creativity in all its forms. #2in1
The top 4 Back to School Tech devices as rated by @CraveOnline:
This tech will take the boredom out of your #roadtrip:
Before microprocessors, we made memory chips. A calculator co convinced us to enter this area in 1969. #DidYouKnow
BASIC, the language that spurred home computer programming, is 50 years old this year. #TechHistory #DidYouKnow
Here comes the #sun. #framed #gadget #intel #summer