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Congrats to our own Renee James, #21 @FortuneMagazine's Most Powerful Women list! #FortuneMPW
#IntelTablets: better at staying awake during a lecture than you are.
Too hot out? There's no need for ice with Wristify, one of our 10 Make It Wearable finalists:
Flip, slip, slide, and twist. New dance craze or all the things a #2in1 can do?
Makerspaces give inventors, crafters and hackers a place to create and collaborate. #maker #NYC #blue
From prints to pixels, here’s to almost 200 years of the #photo. #look
Check out the 10 most interesting maker inventions from All worth a 2nd look! #Edison
For those asking: The 26 apps = user-installed apps. You can explore the data at @google’s Our Mobile Planet:…
School's in session. Do you know what LED stands for? #techie #makers
“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson #instaquote #galileo #maker #diy #quotes
I can’t go a day without a recharge, but my #2in1 can.
#DidYouKnow a smart phone has an average of 26 apps? Are you above or below average? #IDF14
Go pro and get down low with Intel #Edison. Live at #IDF14 #whatwillyoumake
"We want to build products that enable you. That allow you to go build something great." -@bkrunner #IDF14
Google co-founder @sergeybrinn showing off his yoga skills at #IDF14 today!
Tools of the trade for today's Tech Couture via @AnoukWipprecht #FashionTech #IDF14 #Fashion
What do you call eight hobbits? A hobbyte. #nerdpuns
What do sounds and voices look like? This #maker records #waveforms and transforms them into beautiful laser-cut wooden stencils. #nycresistor
.@bkrunner said he anticipates an explosion of development. Excited for what you can deliver (safely)! #boom #IDF14
#DidYouKnow that Intel’s HQ is located in California, which became an official state 164 years ago today?
We apologize that wireless charging is so complicated. #DitchTheBrick #IDF14
Have a question for our CEO? Use #AskBrian to join the conversation with @bkrunner – live now from #IDF2014!
Were going live with twitter Q & A from #intelidf14 in about 20 minutes.... Send in your questions at #askbrian
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.@MichaelDell and @bkrunner unveil the world's thinnest tablet at #IDF14. Learn more here ->
Chat with our CEO today using #AskBrian. Starts in 1 hour – 12:00 PM PDT from #IDF2014
BREAKING: Just seen on stage at #IDF14 - Venue 8 7000 - world's thinnest tablet w/ @intel RealSense Snapshot Depth
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Stephen Hawking joined #IDF14 via video in connection w/ Connected Wheelchair Project designed by Intel interns
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Use #AskBrian and #AskRenee to submit your #IDF14 questions for Intel CEO, @bkrunner and Intel President, Renee James.
Professor Hawking tells of how technology is improving lives - connected wheelchair has made a huge difference #IDF14
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Big things come in small packages - #whatwillyoumake – Check out Intel #Edison:
We’re ready to get started, make sure you are! Join CEO, @bkrunner #IDF14 keynote, live now:
It’s almost time to see the future. Catch our CEO’s opening keynote from #IDF14 at 9 am PT:
This technology straight out of 'Minority Report' is real — and soon we'll be using it every day [sponsored]
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Wish you were here? Don’t miss a thing: See our CEO’s opening #IDF14 keynote at 9 am:
To keyboard, or not to keyboard? That is the question. #2in1
This is what happens when Galileo meets WiFi. #IDF2014.
Fashion meets functionality when we work w/ @intel for a fashion-first #wearable #ATTvegas
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Join us live tomorrow 9/9 @ 12:00 PM PDT to ask our CEO @bkrunner your questions. Use #AskBrian
We can't say what's coming, but he can! See our CEO's vision LIVE: #IDF2014, 9/9 @ 9am PST
Modern suspension #bridges are supported by thousands of steel wires tightly bound together. A single #steel wire, only 0.1-inch thick, can support over 1,000 lbs. #sciencesnap #lookinside #didyouknow
Say hi to #MICA, one part luxury jewelry, one part wearable tech. Designed by #OC & engineered by @intel
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At @openingceremony #NYFW backstage, beauty meets brains with #MICA, the fashion accessory that’s also smart.
Your playground awaits - #IDF14 officially kicks off this week! Details:
#IDF14 is about makers & creators that keep tech moving forward. Will we see you next week?
We’re excited to collaborate w/Intel, working to develop next innovation in wearable tech. K. Kartsotis CEO @Fossil
In development: @Fossil watches with Intel inside. Learn more about our collaboration on exciting new #wearabletech:
Formula 1 performance in a microscopic package. #processors #F1